Sunday, October 30, 2016

Edge Campaign - Quest for the Torkral Sphere - Session 6

Session 6

DM - Josh
Arbach - Half Elf Ranger - Aaron
Tak Ahnsiik - Tiefling Cleric - Brett
Peter - Tiefling Rogue - Jared
Kizmet - Dark Elf Warlock - Devin

Kizmet began to search the bodies while Peter slowly worked his way up the ramp. Arbach covered Peter, paying particular attention to the trap door that was now visible in the center of the flat ceiling. Kizmet’s search found some gold and silver as well as a pouch with a small book in it. Her ability to read any language now came in useful as she was able to ascertain that this was a book of rituals for the Cult of the Howling Wind, worshiping an elemental god of air, Arako. Peter noticed that there was writing on the walls of the tower.

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