Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day

John and I were Sergeants together in the early 90s.  We were both going to the University of Colorado, earning our degrees.  John was an infantryman, a mortarman.  He came to CU from the 5th Marines, the most storied of all of our storied regiments.

John in Iraq.
John was a leader among leaders.  The force of his personality made him stand out.  His charm, humor and intelligence attracted everyone to him.  We all knew he would be a great officer.  The kind of officer all Marines deserve but so rarely get.

When John graduated he went back to the infantry.  He was eventually assigned back to his beloved 5th Marines.  While commanding C Company 1/5 in Ramadi Iraq, he was awarded the Bronze Star for valor, proving our high opinion of him.

John was killed by an IED on June 16th, 2005, leaving behind a wife a son and a daughter.  John was honored one more time.  He was given one of the Corps' most prestigious awards, the Leftwich Trophy.  It is the only time this award has been awarded posthumously.

So enjoy the day off work.  Enjoy the barbecues.  Take delight in your friends and family.  But also take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday and to give thanks for those who gave their all for us.

Our brotherhood is etched in stone
This unbeaten path we walk is never alone
And through the trails of terror
There is no obstacle we won't fear
Because we are unbroken
I would die for you
And you would give your life for me
The very sense of being.... free
Can we revisit the times of past
As if I wish they would never fade and always last
For no demon, real or in mind, could ever challenge the courage of brotherhood... tested in time
So maybe walk in the memory of those who forever hold the burden of our freedoms
And I 
promise to never let your memory die
because I'm free in it
And you are always with me

and never forgotten

Sunday, March 26, 2017

7th Challenge retrospective

Another Challenge is down in the books. For the first time I didn't make my goal. I just had too many other things vying for my attention this year. Still, it was a very productive Challenge and I'm happy with my progress.

The whole bunch, blurry but all there.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Final Post for the 7th Annual Analog Hobbies Painting Challenge

This is my last post for a week or so. The boys are on Spring Break and we are in sunny California, where it is not quite as nice as it is back in Colorado, oddly.

This post is all over the place as it's made up of stuff that I've been tinkering with since the challenge started.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

28mm EIR Command stands

This entry is some long awaited command figures for my EIR army. There are two command stands, which will finally let me play with an all painted army. There are also four command models to slot into my cohorts. I mis-counted at some point and had too many legionaries and not enough commanders.

Monday, March 06, 2017

28mm Velites from Victrix

This entry makes me somewhat ashamed. I had them done two weeks ago but didn't get the basing grass done. I had them done last week but didn't get them photographed.  They are finally on the boards though.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

6mm Sci/Fi Manufacturers

These are 6mm Sci/Fi manufacturers. Depending on what you are looking for you could also use 6mm historical models for some units, especially support stuff and artillery.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

6mm Sci/Fi begins

These are the first models for the 6mm Sci-Fi project. I got some deals on eBay for some epic 40k models, but didn't care all that much for the rules. Rhys and I played a game the other day he liked it.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

6mm Science Fiction

There was a post fairly recently on Delta Vector about his desire to develop rules to play Battletech in 6mm. That post has been percolating around in my brain for the last two months. I'm intrigued.

Old school metal mechs. Painted when I was 14.

One of the key pieces from the article is heat. This is one of the key factors of the old Battletech game. I used to love that game. I dove into the detail in the way that only a teenage boy can. I routinely fought company on company battles solo. That's record keeping for 24 mechs. I once played a game with two battalions fighting. That was 72 separate mechs worth of paperwork.

The very thought of that makes my brain blue screen now. It sounds like a night mare.  Still, I loved the game and I have the source books. On top of that, I need a game I can play with Rhys with mechs. There's no way I'm going back to the real rules, and even Alpha Strike is more record keeping than I want.

What to do? I could wait for Delta Vector to come up with his rules. I'm sure they'll be good since he's well versed in game design. On the other hand they won't be what I'm looking for, exactly.

I wrote my own. Two pages. Simple. No record keeping. They incorporate heat. I'll need to playtest with Rhys to see if he can understand them. They include rules for mechs, vehicles, infantry and flyers.

They use d20 to hit, a 20 is a crit and kills your target (head shot). Different classes use different size dice in an opposed roll against armor. Lights use d6 while Assaults use d12.

I think they will be pretty fast play and allow for the flavor of Battletech without the record keeping. There is a high level of abstraction since it's 6mm. I also have the old Battletech board game so we could easily use that for a campaign system.

As for 6mm, it has its attractions; not least of which is that it is cheap. I've picked up a bunch of Epic 40k Space Marine stuff on eBay for very little. There are some good manufacturers out there. The low cost also has the advantage of not meaning an arm and a leg in new terrain since that is just as cheap.

I'll get in a game with Rhys soon and see how the rules work. I'm sure some changes will be necessary.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Entry 9 - 7th Challenge - ECW Pike and Shotte regiment

This entry is another pike and shotte regiment for my small and really, really slowly growing ECW army. I've gotten one foot regiment done each year for the last three challenges, which means the next one will probably wait until next year. This is probably down to the fact that there's not much chance I'll be playing with this army any time soon.

This is the red regiment. They were going to be yellow, but I felt like painting red.

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