Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deals and Specials

There are a lot of sales and deals going on in the brave new age of wargaming that we are living in.  The 15mm Sci/Fi manufacturers often have nice sales.  "Tuition is due for my daughter, 20% off on everything."  It's nice doing business with a small company.

This is what twenty random sprues look like.  Awesome.

Then you have the big players.  Not GW big, but second tier big.  Folks like Mantic.  They recently had one of their wacky sales; for twenty five pounds you got twenty random sprues and a messenger bag.  That is a heck of a deal in my book.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prize Draws

There is something interesting that goes on from time to time in the gaming blogosphere.  Bloggers give out prizes for reaching certain goals on their blogs.  This is similar to the custom, here in the states and in the Shire, of giving gifts on your birthday.  I have two little boys and every birthday party we put on we put together gift bags for all of the invitees.  It's a nice way of saying, "Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday".

These prize draws are the same sort of thing.  They usually go at, either, a certain number of followers or a certain number of hits.  I think it is quite nice of these people, "Thanks for coming by and reading my stuff".  They get the kick of knowing people value what they do so they give us the kick of, perhaps, winning something new and shiny.

I quite like this custom.

Right now the king of prize draws, at least on the blogs I follow, is the Frontline gamer.  I have mentioned his blog in the past, as I quite like it.  Jody writes well reasoned and thought out articles which are well written.  He does a lot of product reviews, which are quite nice.  He also has connections with some of the coolest manufacturers out there right now.

His latest draw is this:

For reaching 575 followers:  Freebooters Fate rule book.

He has several more in the offing, each awesome and all dependent on reaching a certain number of followers.  He has the full list of his goals on the above post, so go check it out and become a member.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Here in the States, today is Memorial day.  For most people it is a Monday off work.  There will be lots of grilling, parties with families and friends and the opening of swimming pools across the country.

Captain John W. Maloney
The real purpose of the day is to remember the sacrifices of our service men and women in all of our wars.  As I do every Memorial day, I'm going to put up information about my good friend John Maloney.  We were Sgt's together, almost twenty years ago now.  He was a great man, and the best of us.  John is what we, in the Marine Corps, call a Mustang.  That means he was enlisted before he got commissioned as an officer.  He was a mortar man in the 5th Marines, arguably the Marine regiment with the finest fighting record, which is saying something.  When he got his commission he went back to the grunts (infantry), rising to command of his own rifle company, perhaps the most coveted position in the Marine Corps.

John left behind his wife, Michelle, and his two small children, a son and a daughter.  Please take the time to read the articles and learn more about what this day is about for those of us who have served.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Constitution, Cassin Young and Breed's Hill

We visited Boston on our way to Ireland and spent the morning at the Charleston Navy Yard.  This is the home of the U.S.S. Constitution and the U.S.S. Cason Young.

The Constitution is the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat anywhere in the world.  As such it has an active duty naval crew.  One of their duties is to serve as tour guides aboard ship.  We got to see the main deck, gun deck and berthing deck.  You can peer through locked doors at officer country.  The galley is forward of a “do not cross” line (rope) so you can look at it from a distance. 

The Constitution from the rear.  She has her name painted on her and everything.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rebel Vipers - Product Review

Product Description:  Rebel Minis recently released their small class of Mech in resin.  The VIPER comes in three different variants with two versions of each, one standing still and one advancing.  Each kit comes with the legs, the body and a sprue of the appropriate weapons options.  They stand approximately twice the height of a 15mm figure.  These are definitely light mechs.

Vipers, ready for action.

Friday, May 11, 2012

15mm Sahadeen

The Sahadeen have arrived.  They will form part of the second faction for my 15mm sci/fi universe, which is slowly taking form.

"Don't go anywhere".

A brief Adieu

No, I'm not shutting down the blog.  I'm going on vacation.  The family and I are going to Ireland for two weeks.  It should be quite the change from sunny Colorado (300 days of sun a year).  I have a couple posts queued up, if I find internet access.  I may also have some time to tap out some of my ravings musings while I'm gone.  I'm certainly planning on taking lots of pictures for terrain inspiration.

 I may even take some of the family.

Again, pending internet access I'll be viewing all of your brilliant blogs while I'm gone.

Have a great two weeks.  I will.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Year of Rules - Gruntz 15mm Sci/Fi

This is the Year of Rules, one new set checked out every month.  The Rules set for May is... Duh!  Duh!  Duh!  Gruntz!

The cover of the PDF rules v1.0.
One read through and a couple of solo practice games down and this is what I think...

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Defiance Games UAMC

Look what came in the mail.  I've been waiting for this package since February.  Defiance Games has finally sorted out their production issues and gotten their production line in order.  My order of USMC, now re-named UAMC due to copyright issues, is finally here.  (Yes, you read that correctly, the United States Marine Corps has copyrighted USMC).

Look what just came in the mail.

The box, looking remarkably like what it looked like on the Defiance web site. 

This box holds twelve sprues.

Romans Completed

I have finally completed my Romans.  The last bit to be done was the shields.  The transfers gave me fits, but are worth it, in the end I think.  I also added some flowers, while I was avoiding dealing with the shields.

Command.  Additional, flowery, tufts for added awesomeness.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Battle Report - Harad vs Corsairs of Umbar

Nuradan knew something was wrong when he saw the Corsair ships approaching.  The Haradrim had fled south, crossing the river above the falls and force marching through Ithilien.  He was planning his return to Kharna when the two ships were spotted tacking up river.  The feeling of foreboding became a certainty of battle when a bolt, fired from one of the ships, killed his messenger.

As Nuradan arrayed his forces for battle, the Wraith was focused on the ships.  Nuradan would have said apprehensively, only Wraiths didn't get apprehensive.  Two boat loads of Reavers and Corsairs left the two ships.  He also saw the black hearted Numenorians of Umbar, and even horses, being ferried ashore.  Then he saw what had held the attention of the Wraith.  The Corsairs had brought another one of the Nine with them.  This day was looking darker and darker.

The battlefield.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Battlefield Academy

I have been a video gamer since the first computers appeared in homes.  I started with pong, attached to our 13" black and white TV.  Oddly, I'm playing almost nothing right now.  There is one exception to this, Battlefield Academy on the iPad.

Screen shot from the game.

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Shield Transfers.  They are a must for Romans, unless your freehand skills are much better than mine.  The Warlord Legionaries come with a sheet, and very nice looking they are too.  All you need is the decals, some water and your normal hobby tools.  What could be simpler?

 I hate them with a passion I normally reserve for living things.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Collecting to an Order of Battle

When I am thinking about collecting historical miniatures I like to pick a battle, research the order of battle present, then collect towards that.  It gives me structure and form.  Of course I'm willing to deviate from that when a unit is just too cool to leave out.

Monthly Retrospective 3

Month four of 2012 is over.  This year is going blindingly fast, to me at least.  This was a productive month in some respects and not so much in others.

I started 15mm for Sci/Fi this month.  That's a big step.  I prefer 28mm models, and I'll still game in that scale.  The reasons I finally succumbed to the dark side of gaming are probably pretty familiar to all those that have already made the leap.  There is a huge, and ever expanding range of models.  They are dirt cheap.  They paint up quickly.  The terrain is much cheaper than 28mm.  There is freedom to build whatever force you want. (Technically this exists with 40k as well, but GW would have you believe that is not the case).  There are a ton of different rule sets out there.  I bought some test models, ARC fleet from CMG.  I liked them, even the infantry.  So I ordered a bunch of Sahadeen and two Vipers from Rebel Minis.  Those arrived yesterday and look very nice as well.  I'll be doing a review on them as I assemble them.  I'll need to put in another order to CMG to flesh out the first order, but that will give me two armies to game with.

Painted CMG ARC Fleet

Painted Romans

I have painted my first box of Romans.  I still need to put the decals on the shields and attach them, but I'm counting these as painted for April.


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