Sunday, June 24, 2012

Battle Report - Harad and Corsairs vs Wood Elves

Last League night we had four players for the club night.  We were prepared for a three person game, with each of us bringing a 300 pt list and a 600 pt list.  Happily that was not necessary as Jake joined Jonathan, Tony and I for the game; and a real corker it was too.

This pretty much sums up this game for me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Battle Report - Harad vs Elves

Sunday was Father's Day, here in the states.  For me it meant a new grill, with a smoker, gaming, family time and no responsibilities.  It was a great day.  The Traveller and I smoked some ribs and brisket and got a game of LotR in during the intermissions.  Sadly, my shade monkey was not out helping me.

The, self described, shade monkey.  It wasn't even Father's Day yet. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the workbench

I haven't had a lot of hobby time lately.  I had almost two months of leave when I got back from Afghanistan, which meant that I got a lot of time to work on my minis.  Now I'm back to my real job, which is not leaving me much time, while I get locked back in.  Stuff has been piling up, but I have this weekend to start nailing some of it down.

I'm actually working on all of that right now.  It totally makes sense in my mind.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Four month plan +

There's a lot I want to do this year, since I'm trying everything that catches my fancy for twelve months.  I've called it the year of rules but I'm also dabbling in scales, mediums and genres.  The only real rule I have is that all of my gaming activities have to be games.

This year I'm deliberately being a gaming magpie.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Offering of Toy Soldiers for no cost.

A quick note for two give aways going on right now.  One is guaranteed and the other is a prize draw.  The first one is from The Assault Group.  If you go to their Facebook page and like them, they will give you a free mini of your choice from the Freebies section of their website.  Just like them, put a comment on their page and they will contact you and arrange to send you your free mini.  Great stuff.

The second give away is a prize draw.  This one is from Frontline Gamer and involves the usual, become a public follower of his site, make a comment, get entered for a new model.  Good stuff.  In the interest of full disclosure, I now get to entries in the bag.  Details can be found here.  This prize is for reaching 700 followers.  He has two more in the works, at 750 and 800, so, really, this is just a win-win since his blog is worth reading on its own merits.

Edit - I changed the title of this post as it was obviously attracting scum sucking spammers.

Battle Report - Harad vs Gray Company

Thursday night is club night, though there were only two of us there, as is usual these days.  Jonathan brought his new Gray Company list, which I have never played against before.  This was a real nail biter of a game, and one of the closest I've ever played.  We played a straight up fight.  Kill to 25%.  First one there loses.

Initial set up.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Product Review - Sabre Dropship from Rebel

I took advantage of Rebel Minis sale, last month, and picked up a couple more Sahadeen weapons teams as well as four more Vipers and a Sabre drop ship.  It was quite a bit of swag for not much money.

Image from Rebel Minis

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Games that Define Us

An interesting tide is sweeping our small section of the blogosphere.  I refuse to use the M word (meme, there I did it, but only this once).  It started with the Frontline Gamer, whose blog I've pimped out before.  Several others have done it as well.  The topic has been bubbling around in my mind for a couple of weeks now, and it's finally germinated into something.

The idea is to talk about ten games that define you as a gamer.  Some interesting things have come out of it.  More North American gamers seem to have gotten in through RPGs, whereas the UK gamers seem to have come into it through GW.

In my case, I definitely follow the trend, coming to GW late in my gaming life.  There are some on my list that I have not seen anywhere else.  Others seem to be on every list.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

First Mini Ever

Rhys is in love with the Lord of the Rings.  It's no Star Wars, mind, but it's a very close second.  When I play on Thursday nights I usually have him with me at the store.  He used to call it Daddy's store.  Then he started calling it Rhys and Daddy's store, which we still do.

 Collectormania is a very friendly store, where they have known Rhys his whole life.  It is under the second set of management, in the time we have been going, but it has kept the same vibe.  They have a box of star wars minis, the soft rubber pre-painted ones, that they keep around for kids to play with.

I take Rhys in and he plops down at a table, out of the way, and plays with the star wars guys on some un-used terrain.  He will also take breaks and watch me play LotR.  He loves the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.  He desperately wants to play.  I've worked with him on the basics, moving guys, counting pips on dice, that sort of thing.  He needs practice, but he's getting there.

SWMBO brought this haul home last night.  I'm so excited.  For the boys, of course.  Not me.  That would be silly.
He also loves the minis.  Sadly, he likes to play with them like he does with his Legos, which is bad for the minis, to say the least.   Two years ago the manager of the shop gave me some Celtos minis which weren't leaving the shelves.  They were, explicitly, for Rhys to paint.

He's a fairly splendid sculpt.  I hope he appreciates the sacrifice he is about to make.

This year he has finally decided that he is interested in painting.  He has been badgering me to let him help me when I am painting.  Nothing presentable would come of that, but there are other answers.  I remembered the Celtos models and pulled them out for him.  He was very excited by that, but saw the flaw, in that they weren't based.  All models have bases of course.

The "Master".  I went with a lighter primer so he could see the detail more easily.
Rhys first had to pick a model to be the "Master", (he loves him some Star Wars).  Once he had that task completed it was just a matter of prepping the model.  I glued it to the base, then I helped him get the mold lines off.  He missed a couple, but I left them so he could see exactly why "flash sucks".  I primed it for him yesterday.  This weekend we are going to set up a small painting station for him, next to mine.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what he does with this, and to spending the time with him.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Monthly Retrospective 4

Another month is done.  I'm still having a hard time keeping up with how quickly this year is going.  It's time for my obsessive compulsive side to kick in and take stock of May.  Considering I was on vacation for two weeks, with no internet or hobby access, I'm pleased with how it went.

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