Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Entry 8 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 1 15mm Sci/Fi Vehicle

This next entry is for my son Rhys.  He's been getting 15mm Sci/Fi models as rewards for doing well at school.  He and I play Gruntz together.  Part of the deal is that I'll paint them for him, though he likes painting his models as well.

Light tank for Gruntz.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Entry 6 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 6 28mm Haradrim Riders

This is my entry for the mounts and riders bonus round for the Analogue Painting Challenge.  These are six 28mm Haradrim from Games Workshop, for Lord of the Rings.  They are led by Suladan the Serpent Lord.  Suladan was killed by Eomer on the Pelenor.

Suladan with two infantrymen

Sunday, December 28, 2014

28mm Barbarians

These are two 28mm Celtos barbarians that were given to Rhys years ago.  There were three in the package.  He asked me to paint two of them while he did the third.

Two barbarians, ready for action.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Entry 5 - Vth Analogue Painting Challenge - 8 Uruk-Hai

This is the final entry of Uruk-Hai for this challenge season, if for no other reason than the rest of my unpainted models have at least one color put on them already so are ineligible for inclusion in the challenge.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Entry 4 - Vth Annual Analogue Painting Challenge - 8 x 28mm Uruk-Hai pikes

This post is eight more Uruks for Isengard.  These are eight pikes, one of the stronger features of the army.  I actually don't play with them as much as they warrant because I hate the pikes in game.  I don't mean the rules are bad.  I hate that I am always stabbing myself with them or knocking them or other models over because of them.  The physical limitations are frustrating.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Entry 3 - Challenge - Bonus round: Cold

The first bonus round was themed: Cold.  These are each worth 50 points but, more importantly, are where you see some of the very best work in the challenge.  Competitors will often build dioramas and put extra love and attention into these entries.  I'm ahead of schedule this year so I had time to spend a bit more

This one was so obvious to me that I just had to go with it.  Villains and cold together made me think of a Dark Elf Cold One Knight.  The model is one of GW’s better efforts.  These are a huge improvement over the old models.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Entry 2, Vth Painting Challenge - 8 Uruk-Hai swordsmen

"There were four goblin-soldiers of greater stature, swart, slant-eyed, with thick legs and large hands.  They were armed with short broad-bladed swords, not with the curved scimitars usual with Orcs; and they had bows of yew, in length and shape like the bows of Men.  Upon their shields they bore a strange device: a small white hand in the centre of a black field; on the front of their iron helms was set an S-rune, wrought of some white metal."

Eight swart, slant eyed gobin-soldiers.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Entry 1, Vth Annual Analogue Painting Challenge

This unit is six 28mm Romano-British levy from Gripping Beast.  I bought the starter army for Dux Brit from Too Fat Lardies and it includes 18 of these guys.  I had planned to paint the first six as my last entry in last year's challenge but ran out of time.  I finished them up after it was over, and haven't painted a thing since then other than some of my son's 15mm Sci/Fi.

Six levy from Gripping Beast.

Friday, December 05, 2014

It finally begins. The painting challenge is underway

The Vth annual challenge has begun and I'm off.  Having barely touched a brush in the last six months I am starting off with a small batch, just to get the juices flowing.  I've planned out my painting to reach my goal of 650 points.  Each entry is sitting in a group on the book shelf with an index card showing me when they have to be done.

WiP Romano Brits
This is the last time you will see these lads until they are displayed on the painting challenge blog.

In the mean time I've got quite the selection of models coming up.  Uruk-Hai, 15mm Sci/Fi, Celts, U.S. WWII GIs, Rohan, WW II German infantry, and a planned entry for each of the bonus rounds.  This year the majority of the painting will be the Celts since I want to get that army onto a good foundation.

It felt great to start putting paint to lead.  That first brush stroke was liberating.  I'm glad this has finally started.
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