Sunday, July 20, 2014

15mm Sci/Fi - Rhys' Raiders Bug APC

The Raiders are well known on the battlefields of the Fury March.  They are masters at combined arms, using tanks, infantry and mechs in close cooperation.  They use a common hull for both tanks and APCs, simplifying their logistics and maintenance.

The Bug APC is the standard model APC for the Raiders.  Able to carry ten fully equipped infantry/scouts it is fast and nimble.  

Bug APC of Rhys' Raiders.
The Bug is armed with two missile launchers and an advanced sensor package; forgoing heavier fire power for better scouting ability.

The sensor domes are visible front and top in this head on shot.
The infantry of the raiders start out in the Bug platoons before moving up to scouts as they gain experience.  With eight infantry and a couple of specialists, a platoon of Bugs can secure urban real estate or infest heavy cover.

The blue recognition panels are standard but can be painted over if the employer demands it.
I understand the incongruity of a reconnaissance unit being painted blinding white but when the customer demands it, you give em what's they're paying for.  
Rear view showing the engine vents and the troop door.
This is the same hull as the Turtle light tank, I just switched out the turret.  This turret comes from the Rebel Earth Force Hover Tank.  The hull has a hole for the peg on the bottom of the tank turret.  I glued a piece of metal sprue to the bottom of this turret and it fits perfectly.  This will allow Rhys to switch his vehicles around for whichever need he has.

I'll put up a group shot with the infantry later this week.  For now, I have to finish up Owyn's APC and his first infantry squad.

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