Friday, June 26, 2015

Rebel Minis release the Widowmaker

Rebel Minis, a company that I talk about quite a bit, has a new release this week that looks perfect for 15mm mechs.  The Earth Force Widowmaker.  These are being released as 28mm battle suits, but look to be well sized as light/medium mechs for 15mm.

Picture from Rebel minis.  Used without permission.

They have a few other pictures of them, including one with a 28mm figure.  I've used their URSA battlesuits as light mechs for 15mm and these look to be, perhaps, a little bit larger.  Rebel is a great company to buy from, with very fair shipping overseas.

I'm going to be adding some of these to one of my armies very soon.  You can never have too many mechs.

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