Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the workbench

I haven't had a lot of hobby time lately.  I had almost two months of leave when I got back from Afghanistan, which meant that I got a lot of time to work on my minis.  Now I'm back to my real job, which is not leaving me much time, while I get locked back in.  Stuff has been piling up, but I have this weekend to start nailing some of it down.

I'm actually working on all of that right now.  It totally makes sense in my mind.

Assembly - I have one box of 22 Early Imperial Romans and a Scorpion from Warlord.  I also have the Saber Dropship from Rebel to finish green stuffing and a platoon of Arc Recon and six bikes to assemble, from CMG.  I also have a bunch of the Mantic sprues that need to be put together.

Those are Romans.  It looks like the Celts got the better of this one.
Painting - I'm part way through ten Warlord 28mm Celts.  I also have six 15mm Rebel Sahadeen weapons teams and two Vipers to get painted.  That will finalize my Sahadeen infantry and give them some mech support.

Those Sahadeen aren't even going to take very long.  What am I waiting for?
Scenery - I have a 15mm house and two radar dishes/comms towers as well as two wind chargers to paint up.  I also have two 15mm solar panels which I need to build out into a terrain piece.

That seems like a whole lot for a weekend, but I've not done anything since getting back from Ireland, two weeks ago, so I need to get cracking so I feel less like a slacker.  It's been so long since I painted that I'm apprehensive about picking up the brushes again, which is just silly.


  1. Nice stuff on the go, I like the 15mm sci-fi from Rebel as I've just got into 15mm sci-fi myself, where in Ireland did you go?

  2. Rebel makes some nice stuff. I love their Vipers, in case you couldn't tell. I'll be picking up some more. Great service as well, though you'll have the shipping/customs wait that makes ordering across the Atlantic an exercise in patience.

    We started in Dublin, hit the Boyne valley on two days, then stayed down in Wicklow for three days. Toured Glendalough and then over to Abbeyfeale via Waterford and the Rock of Cashel. Down around the Dingle peninsula for a day then to Kenmare. From there up to Doolin, visiting the cliffs of Moher, Innis Oir and the Burran, then home through Shannon. Two weeks and not nearly enough time to see everything.


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