Friday, March 29, 2013

Battle Report - Harad vs Gray Company

The Haradrim have been playing pretty well the last few months.  I'm still thinking of changing up the army a bit, adding more units, but I have to finish painting more Romans first.

These archers engaged in a game long duel with the Rangers.  

Jonathan and I played this game a few weeks ago.  I don't remember too many details at this point, I just found the pictures on my camera.  This will be a pictorial battle report.

The nasty Northmen with their big stinky tree.
The valiant men of the South, prepared to claw away another victory for the Dark Lord.
Nuradan leads his men in a mad dash for the ruins.
Allawhi sets a flank guard then runs for the ruins as well.  These guys would hold this flank for the whole game.
The main force, infesting the ruins like ticks.
Shhh.  He's right outside the door.  Two spearmen, one thrown and one catching.
The Haradrim sallied, winning this fight.  They also shot the rangers in the center and held off the ones on the flank.
Fat Guys about to sally through the door and surround Tree Beard.
This was a good game.  Rangers of the North is a tough match up for me because there is so much shooting and everything in my army is low defense.  I had to get into the ruins just to survive.  Once there, my shooting was able to outmatch Jonathan's.  The key was my use of heroic actions to neuter Tree Beard.  The new monster rules are nasty, but much more fun than the old ones.


  1. Fun looking game as usual! One day...

    1. Nick, it amazes me how little time real life leaves for gaming.

  2. Looks like a really cool game. Hope you can get to play a bit more!

    1. Wow. Digging deep on this one. I have been teaching my son to play. He's starting to get it. My main opponent is the one I'm going to visit in New Zealand next month, so we may get a game in while I'm there.


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