Friday, April 05, 2013

March and April

March was a complete failure for my hobby.  I didn't play a game.  I didn't pick up a brush.  I didn't assemble so much as a single 15mm figure.  Nothing.  While I have valid reasons (vacation, new job) I am still feeling down about it.

My plan for April is ambitious, probably too much so, but I have to pump it up to get my mojo back.

March.  This says it all.

I'm half way done with a unit of 21 Praetorians.  It's twenty one because I'm using the optio from the Auxiliaries as a foot model on my Emperor command stand.  Once they're done I'm going to knock out eight auxiliary archers, six Numidian light horse and three command models.  I also want to finish my two command stands.  Oh yeah, and I want to get the tops of the movement trays textured and done as well.

That is a lot of painting.  It would catch me back up to my twenty models a month goal, which is not all that impressive in the first place.  It would also put me well on track to having my current EIR model load under control.  Once I get all of that done I have eight more archers and twelve Auxiliary hvy cav to paint.  I also have one and a half units of Auxiliary infantry and some more command to assemble and paint.

All of this together gives me two complete divisions for Hail Caesar, with the models single based so that I can use them for historical skirmish gaming using the LotR rules.  I would like to add a third division as well as some one off units for flavor or scenarios.  I also want some slingers and more cavalry but this will give me  enough to play good games and to be able to add another person in if we want to.

So far the only people in our group playing this game are Jonathan and I.  A couple others have expressed interest, and even have models.  I'll be hosting Jonathan at my house on the 20th, so I'll get at least one game in this month.  I've put out the invitation to anyone else who wants to come and play, or just watch as well.  I think they'll be hooked if we can just get them playing.

So, January and February were successful.  March was an abject failure.  I'm rallying and attempting to regain the high ground in April.


  1. All I can say mate is good luck, real life gets in the way but it happens to everyone!

    1. It does indeed Fran. I'm not losing sight of the important things in life, my boys, my wife, the job that keeps us all in house and home. The hobby is also very important to me, both as a hobby and as a valve for my mental health. When I don't have work, family and hobby I feel out of balance.

  2. Yep! good luck this month. Life does indeed get in the way of the hobby sometimes!!!

    1. That whole balance thing can be hard.


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