Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Battle Report: 1000 pts of Rohan vs Isengard

Two weeks ago Huntsman came over and played a game of LotR.  The day of the game he suggested that we play a big game, since he wanted to bring out everything he had for his Isengard.  I thought that sounded just grand.  The only army I had that could hit the 1000 points he had was my Rohan, which I haven't played in years.

Eowyn leads seven riders against the Whargs.

Huntsman had Saruman, Sharku, Lurtz and a couple of captains.  They were leading a pack of wild whargs as well as wharg riders, a bunch of Uruk-Hai, a handful of orcs and a troll.  I had Eomer, Eowyn, Erkenbrand and a couple of captains leading five Royal Guards and a bunch of riders.  I also had Grimbold with some foot.

The table.  It was six feet by six feet.
We threw together a scenario with three objectives to fight over.  Tony started on one table edge and I was on the other.  The first few turns were pretty straight forward. Advance, advance.  Advance and shoot.

That's a lot of Uruk's, right there.
Now that it's been a couple of weeks I'm a little fuzzy on most of the details but some actions stand out.

Most of the action was in the center.
Eowyn was the only survivor on the right.  She fought Sharku to a standstill and was rescued at the last minute by Grimbold.
Erkenbrand was a stone cold killer.  Fighting several rounds surrounded, but surviving and leading his men to kill all of the Uruk's in the center except for one captain.
In the end Eomer bounced and was killed, along with his guards.  The lone Outrider shot the troll in the face twice but couldn't get a third hit to kill it.  Saruman managed to use his power just right to hold me off of the center objective.  Huntsman took the game on points.  As always with this sort of game, if I'd had one more turn it would have been mine.  I didn't play the scenario as well as Huntsman and it cost me in the end.  I'd happily play more losses like that though.  This was a great game.

Dinner.  Home made chicken parm.  The sauce all came out of our garden.  My wife is great.  Tony was duly impressed with her cooking skills, which pleased her, so it was a win for all of us.
This was the first game on my new table, though as you can see in the pictures I still have some work to do on these tiles.  I'm hoping to have some free time to actually throw against it this weekend.  I'd like to get it drybrushed and the edges of the tiles Gorilla taped.

It was a great evening and I hope to do it again soon when Huntsman's busy schedule gives him time.


  1. Replies
    1. Both were great. Thanks Ray.

    2. Great game Aaron - thanks, and again....compliments to the Chef!
      As you say, there was so way my army would have held together on those objectives for one more turn and it ended just in the nick of time for Saruman.
      I'm heading home to New Zealand for the rest of December but will be back in January and will try and organise another game.
      Have a great Christmas!

    3. Have a great time at home. I'll look forward to hearing from you.


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