Monday, January 27, 2014

Painting Challenge X

I finally got another entry done for the challenge.  I knew that my output would slow down once the holiday break was over and I had to return to work.  I was hoping to maintain a better pace than I have though.

One squad of GIs.  Ready for Bolt Action or Chain of Command.

  These are ten US GIs from WWII.  The models are Warlord Games plastics.  This is a great kit with lots of options, though it doesn’t have enough Garands or Springfields to field two infantry squads all with the same weapon.  I ended up giving one of these cats a springfield.  I enjoyed painting these.  The detail is great, except for the pack straps, which sort of just disappear right at the shoulder, where they are most visible.  I’m really happy with how these turned out and I can’t wait to finish painting up the other fifteen.  I also have some support weapons inbound, which I’m looking forward to starting on.

Squad Leader with hand painted chevrons and Thompson SMG.
The kit is a great way to flesh out a US army in 28mm, but when I add more infantry I’ll be going for metals.  This is also a cheap way to get bazookas and SMG’s, etc.  There are a ton of weapons in the box. Overall, I’d recommend this kit. 

The squad has ten men.  The squad leader is armed with a Thompson and there is a BAR gunner.  All the rest are armed with rifles.

BAR gunner.  I love these things.  
I took a stab at free handing the chevrons on the Sgt and Cpl.  They are recognizable, so I guess I should be happy.  I also painted a division patch on them.  These guys will all be from the 90th Infantry Division, the Tough Hombres.  They had a poor reputation for the first months of their combat service.  They finally had enough leaders relieved that they got decent officers and started to perform well.

The Tough Hombres shoulder patch.  Mine is not really all that close.
My grandfather served in this division, being wounded twice.  It seemed fitting to paint them up as his unit.

As is fairly common, once I looked at the pictures I noticed static grass all over these guys.  I really should blow them off with canned air before I attempt pictures.  Someday I’ll learn.

GIs!  Now with extra static grass on their trousers.  "You slovenly soldier!"
The kit allows you to make a lot of different poses, both shooting and advancing.  There's no reason to have your troops all look the same.  

The Cpl and a rifleman.  These are great models.
Now to pick up some Germans and the Chain of Command rules. 


  1. Those are nice active figures, and great job on the painting, too.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    1. Thanks Aaron. I appreciate it. I have enjoyed painting these a lot.

  2. Very nice work, the freehand is excellent

  3. Nice work! I don't like the WG plastics but you realy made them look good.

    1. Thank you. I've always liked plastics. These are definitely not as nice as a good metal casting but they are a great way to build a force quickly. Of course I'm not looking to run company level games in 28mm so I would have been fine buying metal models for this army. The rest of them will be.

  4. Nice job! The patches and especially the weapons are first rate. Looking forward to seeing which you prefer: Bolt Action or Chain of Command.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I hadn't really thought much about the weapons. I'm glad they caught your attention.


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