Saturday, February 08, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - 8 Feb 2014

Jumping on the bandwagon a little late; but I do love a good bandwagon.  Here's the state of my painting table this Saturday.  It's a tale of woe and shame, but a good catharsis is called for under the circumstances.

So much shame in one square foot area.

The mech was my entry for the bonus vehicle round.  I ended up having to head out of town with it almost finished.  It has languished ever since.  I knew we were leaving town and just didn't get my act together.

Aragorn was my entry for the bonus hero round.  I got called out of town for work and didn't have time to finish him either.  I could have gotten him done too, if I'd had that extra Friday and Saturday.

Laying down behind the cutting mat are the eight rangers for the Bloggers for Charity.  I just got the address so those will get packaged up today to be mailed on Monday.  I'll be glad to get them on their way.

The dog was started a couple of months ago and just needs to be finished, like so much else.

One of my next entry is peeking around the paints on the right.  They should be done this weekend.

Now, to ensure I don't just reuse the same photo next week.

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