Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Entry 17 - 12 Fireforge Men-at-Arms

As a change of pace, this next entry is 12 28mm Men-at-Arms from Fireforge Games.  I've painted these up for Lion Rampant, but with another eight models they'll work for Bretonnians for Warhammer as well.

Fireforge Games 28mm Foot Sergents.

These models come 48 to a box and can be made up as spears, hand weapons or crossbows.  There are several different poses, with both armored and gambesoned infantry.

Close up of the crouching body.
There are also several different head types.  I chose to build this unit with the same style, but even there you can see that there are four different versions of this helmet.  The faces have good character and detail.

The rear view.
There are no soft details on these models.  They are crisp and nice all the way around.  Since they are plastic there are a ton of different ways to build them.  If you add in bits from the other kits then your options really open up.

Good detail on both armor and gambeson.
I went with square bases because that works best for Warhammer but also because this unit can rank up into a schiltron in Lion Rampant and square bases just work better for that as well.

The shields are, obviously, hand painted.
There are two other styles of shileds, including a kite shield.  There are enough in the box for all 48 models.  I hand painted different geometric shapes on these.  They will eventually get decals, once I figure out what symbol each retinue will have.

The rest of the shields.
I highly recommend this set.  Between this, their knights and a box of Perry Wars of the Roses infantry you could do two entire armies for Lion Rampant in plastic.  They are also perfect for Warhammer Bretonnians, allowing you to do most of the army out of affordable plastics.


  1. Nice looking figures, how do they compare size wise with the Perry plastics?

    1. They are nice figures. I don't have any of the Perrys yet so I can't compare them. Sorry.

  2. Superb job, really love these! They paint up wonderfully well.

    1. Thanks Michael. They are fun to paint.

  3. They look fab :)
    Love the shields theme thing you have going on.

  4. Nice figures. I really like your approach - you seem to have struck the perfect balance, putting in enough effort to have them looking really good but not so much that they take forever to finish. I'm envious :)


    1. Thanks Aaron. The key is striking the perfect balance between my laziness and my OCD.

    2. lol - you seem to have found it, anyway!

  5. A really nice unit. I think the shields are great.


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