Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Entry 18 - 3 Wargames Factory Celt Chariots

This week's entry is three 28mm Celt chariots from Wargames Factory.  This is the contents of a single box, so good value for money, but craptastic sculpts.

Three chariots for Hail Caesar.

These models are part of my Celt army for Hail Caesar.

Top view, to see the groundwork.
There's not a lot to say about these.  They are more of the unfortunate Wargames Factory sculpts.  After painting these my cheap and thrifty little heart has decided that the cost of other company's models are fair and and no more of these will be joining my forces.

Side view showing the wicker chariot sides.
The only part of this kit that is OK is the chariots themselves.  They are well put together and would be easy to rig with reins if you were into such things.

The ugly WF horses made me so sad I stepped away from these for over a week.
The horses are the same as for the cavalry and are so bad that they depressed me and I had to step away from these models for a week.  They were almost done for last Monday but I just couldn't face them at the time.

It's hard to fit two dudes in the cart, so there's two gymnasts.
The bases are GW chariot bases.  They give plenty of space for the model as well as some fun ground work.  The next batch of these will have more battlefield clutter and even some dead Romans.

The other side.
The lesson I will take away from this is that it's just not worth buying models that you don't like the look of.  My distaste made the painting a chore.  Without the Challenge to spur me on I'm sure these would have gotten pushed to the back of the table until I needed them in a game.


  1. Badly sculpted figures can certainly hamper the painting motivation. I think you have done a good job on them. Give the BTD Celts in chariots a try.I have yet to paint and field any but they look good sitting in the Lead Pile.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I think I will pick some of those up. The pictures look good at any rate.

  2. Well... as you said, the actual Chariot looks good.

    1. Indeed. If you had spare crew and, especially, horses then the set would not actually be a bad deal for the three chariots.

  3. You've done a good job with them. I see these early Wargames Factory figures as a challenge to make them look good. I've got some of their Celtic cavalry that I'll be painting up soon, and that's how I'm looking at it.

    1. Thank you. The men are hit or miss. Some are really nice and some look like meat sacks. The horses are just depressing though. Good luck with yours.


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