Sunday, April 19, 2015

An amazing gift

I recently received a box from Japan.  I have ordered a couple of models from over there before but this was something very different. Aaron from Here's not great matter saw my interest in some of the Japanese models for 15mm Sci/Fi and picked up a bunch of stuff from his local model store.

Plastic goodness from across the Pacific.

Aaron is a man of many tastes, playing mostly in smaller scales. He is a Kiwi living in Japan and he constantly finds creative ways to game.  I am very grateful for this gift.  It's just another example of how generous the people who share this hobby can be.

Three bigger boxes.
Rhys loves teh Samson HET.  He has a very practical bent to his mind and the many uses of such a vehicle appeal to him.  Some of these have obvious uses in 15mm.  Some of the others will take more creativity, which is awesome.

This would be a huge spaceship by Firestorm Armada standards.
The spaceships are mostly the same scale, more or less, as Firestorm Armada. The red monster above is much larger.  Without that gun it may make a good drop shuttle.

Rhys' favorite.
The Samson will work out of the box.  It'll be a great looking piece of terrain or objective.  It would also be great for a raid/ambush scenario.

A drop ship if I've ever seen one.
This one, 75-79? perhaps?  This will be a drop ship and be built pretty much out of the box.  You can never have enough drop ships (I can't at least).

Fighters.  Yay!
These two will be fighters.  They can serve either as scenery or CAS for one of the armies.  I've collected quite a few drop ships of various sorts but my only fighter is an X-Wing cake decoration.  These are sorely needed.

Hmmm.  Creativity needed.
This is where the creative juices start flowing.  The rest of these are war ships, but not at a scale that works as a 15mm drop ship.  These look to me like combat drones.

more spaceship goodness.
The top right looks like it would make a good logistics drone.  The black and orange might be a drone mother ship, to launch smaller drones.

This is awesome.
Now on this one I see a couple of different possibilities.  It could be a fuel drone, it might work as a weapon on a really big mech (Leviathan) or it might work as static terrain.

If anyone has any suggestions, please share them in the comments.

Thank you Aaron.


  1. My pleasure! I really enjoy your blog and your insight into various things and wanted to send something your way as a token of that appreciation. Hope you can get some use out of them, but if not, no worries!


    1. Well. Thanks again Aaron. Kind words as well.

  2. What a big box of Awesomeness!!!!
    Thats very exciting indeed

    1. Now the question is, what to do with it all.


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