Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Entry 2 for the AHPC. Twelve 28mm Celts

My second entry of the Challenge is 12 Celt warriors from Warlord Game. These are 28mm miniatures. The three heroes are metal, the rest from their Celtic Warriors plastic box set.

Twelve Celts, angry and dirty.

The metal models are nice, though the face on the right hand guy is a little rough. The three models in this set have a lot of character, and are all different enough to keep them interesting. These three will be champions for individual units in Hail Caesar or heroes in Lord of the Rings Ancients.

These three have some big cloaks which are nice for free hand or designs if your skills flow in that direction. Mine clearly do not. Still, they needed something so I did a little bit. It looks fine from table top distances and these are gaming pieces.

Patterned cloaks.
I hand painted the shields for all of these. The shields are a mixture of Warlord, Wargames Factory and Black Tree Designs. Again, not great up close but fine at table top distances. I'm finding that my camera is better than my eyes.

The next guy has always struck me as more of a champion than a chieftain. He looks like the guy you send out to challenge the other side's biggest dude, and then kills him messily.

Head hunter.
The plastics are very versatile and easy to work with. They can be built in a bunch of different ways. The guys who are leaning really far forward don't match quite right on the back of the legs, but otherwise are very dynamic.

These two models use the same body but different legs and heads.

This is a different body and head, but the same legs as the top model.

These twelve models will join the Celt army that I started last year. With the exception of some skirmishers, these are the last of the sabot based miniatures. I built them when I was still playing a lot of Lord of the Rings. I had not shifted my paradigm to unit bases yet.


  1. I thought this was a great entry, wonderfully characterful, not to mention colourful.

    1. Thank you Michael. I'm glad you liked it.


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