Saturday, December 12, 2015

X-Wing with the boys

The boys and I have gotten some more gaming in. This time around they both wanted to play some X-Wing. All things Star Wars are popular in my house right now.

The boys plotting their nefarious schemes.

Owyn insisted on being the Imperials. He has a tendency to get distraught when his guys die. He figured that if he was the bad guys he wouldn't care as much.  It mostly worked.

Rebels, Scum and Imperials got nose to nose.
They each picked the ships they wanted, without regard to points or real lists. I grabbed enough to match them ship for ship, though not in points. The scrum was a mess, as you can imagine. Heroes were dying left and right and the nameless pilots died un-noticed.

In the end, the last rebel pilot ran for the hills.
They boys concentrated on each other while I mostly put hits on both to try and keep it even. By the time they decided to gang up on me it was too late. There was a fair amount of trash talking, which was nice. They are still learning the fine balance between all in good fun and just mean.

X-Wing is a great game for the kids. Simple enough that even young ones can understand the basics, but with plenty of depth of play for older players.


  1. Excellent! What a great way to spend an afternoon with the boys.


  2. Nice one! Its great getting your kids involved in gaming!

    1. It is great to play games with them. They're still at the age where they enjoy hanging out with Daddy.


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