Saturday, February 11, 2017

Entry 9 - 7th Challenge - ECW Pike and Shotte regiment

This entry is another pike and shotte regiment for my small and really, really slowly growing ECW army. I've gotten one foot regiment done each year for the last three challenges, which means the next one will probably wait until next year. This is probably down to the fact that there's not much chance I'll be playing with this army any time soon.

This is the red regiment. They were going to be yellow, but I felt like painting red.

This one is at full strength, though it is all Warlord Games plastics. When I was plucking models from the prime pile I just didn't grab any of the metal Foundry models I bought as fillers.

As always with these models, painting them is something of a chore. There is a lot of detail and every time I think I'm done with them I find another color that needs to go on at least sixteen models.

For the most part I like to paint the trousers a different color, which I'm fine with as they wear out first. On the other hand when I see reinactors they are dressed top to bottom in their colors. Honestly I think they look like they are wearing pajamas. Battle Pajamas.

I am not a fan of the angled or horizontal pikes but I find that one angled pike on the two command stands doesn't get in the way and gives me those extra unit fillers I need.

This set comes with both a drum and fife option for the musician but I used the fife on the green regiment.

One of the disturbing things about my photography is that my camera sees better than I do and I find all sorts of small things I missed on the models. Just look at that glove. Or rather, don't. There's nothing to see here.

These are based four to a 40mm base. It gives me flexibility in how they look on the table; and it's how I started the army, but for future armies I think I'll be buying some of Big Red Bat's bases. I love the way these look and his new ones are cut in such a way that you can stick two of them together seamlessly to make a bigger unit.

The chap with the shortened weapon is due to my wife deciding that the only possible place to play with the doberman was next to my painting table.

These 32 models give me another full regiment of foot. Once I complete a command stand I have enough to play. A brigade of three foot and one horse regiments along with two guns. I don't think I'll have the heart to paint another of these this challenge, though some horse might make it in before the finish.


  1. Wow! Outstanding regiment, Aaron! I would enjoy seeing a whole table of the beauties fielded for a game. I like your basing too.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I'll put up a group shot after the challenge. I am also fond of my basing. It's probably a little too arid for most parts of the world but I'm a Western boy and it's what I'm used to.

  2. What astounding regiment Aaron, I am always impressed by your quality and industry.

    1. Thank you very much Michael. I appreciate that.


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