Sunday, January 29, 2017

Entry 8 - 7th Challenge - A mix of models and some go backs.

This entry is an eclectic mix of models that have been getting bits of paint here and there and were close to finished. I like to keep spare models on the painting desk to soak up the bits of paint that are left after working on a unit. At a certain point they reach critical mass and I just finish them off.

The first entry does not count for today. It's the Celt unit from a week (2 weeks?) ago. I went back and finished the backs of the shields, since if I don't do it now it'll never happen.

Next up are the three dwarf crewmen (crewdwarfs?) from the flame canon I inexplicably completed right before the challenge.

These are GW metals and very nice sculpts. Like all GW dwarfs they are, in reality, hover automatons, since they don't have legs. That aside, they are characterful sculpts.

I really like the big shell full of fire this guy is carrying around. I don't know why but it tickles my fancy.

The Dwarfs all seem to have a mug on them at all times. I approve.

I'm not really sure why he needs a signal flag since the flame canon's range is shorter than the stature of its crew.

This lad is the one actually opening the valves to unleash the fire. He will be glued to the canon, so is only blu-tac'd to a base for the photo op.

And here he is at home on the back platform.

Next up are three RPG characters. These are all Bones miniatures from their first Kickstarter. I'm slowly working my way through them, mostly as I need them in games.

The three intrepid warriors.

First up is Fulko Headtaker. He collects heads. This is my 9 year old's character. He's a fighter who usually ends up missing his attacks until the last second, when he crits his opponent.

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be a paladin, but it's the one that Owyn wanted, so there you go.

Next up is Morna, the cleric. She's an NPC since no one in the party likes playing a healer. Weird, I know.

I wanted her to be grimy since she's been crawling around in caves and fighting unspeakable things.

Last up is Ellisven. Ellisven was my elder son's character. She was an elf fighter, but more a berserker the way he played her. She made poor choices when captured by orcs and had to be replaced with a character that wasn't dead.

This is a very tall model, as you can see if you go back to the first shot of the three together. She's got better detail in her face than a lot of the Bones models but the stuff on her waste baffled me and I ended up deciding it was a pouch and painting it brown.

This last shot is an attempt to show her base. She was falling down a lot so she needed a base, but her built on one is wood patterned. I thought of cutting it off but then I decided on some artistic license and painted it as water. I really couldn't get a good shot of it, since it's shiny, but there are little waves on it and everything. The water is done with Mod Podge. The key is to do several layers and to dab it on, not paint it on.

The last model is another Uruk-Hai captain. I have no idea where this guy came from. I suspect my eldest is actually Saruman and has a captive breeding program under his desk. This guy just appeared on my desk last weekend.

This is my least favorite captain pose, since he doesn't have a shield. I can't imagine a circumstance where I would not want my captain to have a shield. He'll be able to eat an arrow during the Siege of Helm's Deep though.

Good detail on the back of the model. These metals are really nice figures. Much better than the plastics.

The last shot is a head shot of one of last week's pikemen. He doesn't count for this but I was trying to capture the S rune on his helmet; with mixed results.

There you have it.  A lot of pictures for nine lousy models. Next week should be much more homogeneous.


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