Monday, January 23, 2012

Test models - Harad

I have two test models done for my Harad army, as well as the Nazgul.  I use almost all Vallejo Game Color paints with GW washes and some metalics.  I also have some Army Painter Dark Tone dip as well as a can of Antique Walnut MINWAX.  Unless stated otherwise all colors are Vallejo.

This model was easy.  Basecoat black.  Hit the sword with chainmail.  The guard is hammered copper with the hilt being Dark Fleshtone.  The highlights are Cold Gray with two washes of Badab Black and one of Leviathan Purple.  Quick, dirty, table top quality.  I'll do the base when I do the rest of the army.  That's always my last step, though I did glue sand on this one already.

The next two are two spearmen.  Same paint job but with the trousers are bit different.  I'm still trying to decide which way I'm going to go on those.

On these two you can see the darker shading in the bottom picture vs the light shading in the top one.  At this resolution I like the top one better, but I think on the table top the bottom one looks best.  I'll have to play with them and figure it out.

These guys are basecoated with Army Painter Rat Fur.  The trousers are electric blue with an Asurman Blue wash, on the darker one.  The wood is Scrofulous Brown.  The steel (spear tips) are Gunmetal Metal.  The ties and wraps on the legs and spears are Elf Skintone with a Devlan Mud wash.  The Armor is based with Tinny Tin, hightlighted with Hammered Copper and then edged with Bright Bronze.  These have an extreme edge highlight of Polished Gold but I don't know that I will carry that through on this round of painting.  The leather armor is black with a Bright Bronze edge.  The sash and scarf are Bone White with a Devlan Mud wash.  The brown got a wash of Badab Black.  The flesh is Dark Fleshtone with a highlight of Dwarf Skin/Dark Fleshtone.  The Moustache is Black.

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