Friday, September 21, 2012

Commission work - Saurus

In addition to the demons I also put together a unit of sixteen Warhammer Saurus Warriors.  These are old models and they are showing their age.  They are good looking but the difference between them and the new demons is huge.

Good looking, but simple.

These models have a lot of character with good detail and a fair number of options.  Having said that, they don't represent the state of the art that GW has reached with its recent releases.  I am not a fan of GW's rules or business practices and their open hostility to their customers makes me want to punch them in the eye.  But to give the devil their due, they are the market leader in plastic models.

There are those who will claim that GW models are the best in the market, GW being first among these.  There are also the opposing camp who claim that GW is nothing special.  GW has certainly come out with a few ugly models in recent years.  Putting together these demons, though, has proven to me that they really are the leader when it comes to engineering their models to overcome the limitations of plastic.

The most limiting factor with plastics is the inability to have undercuts.  This is an artifact of the metal molds used with plastic.  GW overcomes this by building the 3-D, undercut shapes out of multiple pieces.  This allows them to have, for instance, a tongue sticking out of an open mouth.

Look closely at the mouths of these models.
It's not that anther company couldn't copy this and do the same thing.  It's that GW did it first and are, to my knowledge, still the only ones doing it.  This ability to chop the model up in this way and put it on a sprue is market leading and let's them build some amazing figures.

So, yeah.  I made some Saurus warriors and liked the models, but they just don't compare with the new stuff.  My hope is that this type of model design becomes more widespread, because it leads to amazing results.

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