Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mantic Zombies

Several months back I bought twenty random Mantic sprues for 20 quid.  A couple of months later I supported the Mantic Kickstarter campaign, and walked away with an undead starter army, which arrived last week.  Four of the sprues, out of my 20, were for undead.  The first one I assembled was the six zombies, for no more reason than, hello, they're zombies!

I have to start by saying, these things rock.  They are lurching, rotting, grasping monsters.  The poses are very dynamic and you get quite a few different bodies on the sprue.  With a little care you can make a little care you can make a huge variety of different poses.

Gotta be careful with that Macro mode.  I got the feet in focus but not the head.
One quibble I have is that they come six to a sprue.  Kings of War units are built in multiples of five, so six only makes sense if you have a unit 30 strong, which is generally not an option.  It would be nice to see the packaging and the rules marry up a bit better than that, but it's not a serious problem.

Putting these together has me excited to receive the rest of my undead army.  This line, of Mantic's, is definitely good to go.

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