Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halo Terrain

Walking through Target the other day I ran across the latest toy in the Halo franchise.  I've never played Halo.  I'm not a console gamer.  It has some awesome vehicles in it though.  This caught my eye because it is scaled at 15mm.  Brilliant!  Says I.  Pre-painted 15mm sci-fi terrain for $25.  I'm in.

The doors open and close.  There's a tower that fits on the left side (picture side that is).

I bought this knowing it would get used even if there were no other sets in the series.  It turns out that there are other sets, shockingly.  There is a guard tower that fits onto the side of the gate.  This piece is even nicer than the gate.  It has stairs throughout and lots of levels of playable surface.

That figure is 15mm, for size comparison.
I was also very excited about the bunker.  The gate is hard plastic with quite a decent paint job.  The bunker is soft plastic, also with a decent paint job.  The bunker is also, inexplicably, in four parts so it can be destroyed as well.  Now I wanted an intact bunker, but I didn't realize how soft the plastic was.  The main body is bent and the pieces don't really fit all that well together and they certainly won't stay up.  What I'm going to have to do is glue the piece down to a base and then glue two of the damaged sections back onto it.  The last one I will leave loose, so that I can get figures in and out.  I may buy another one and use it as a ruined bunker.  That seems like it would be a lot less work.
Perfect, thought I.  Just what I need.
Perhaps not so perfect after all.  You can see the bendy/warpy nature of the plastic in this shot.
In addition to the terrain pieces they have several vehicles either out or on the way.  These are pretty hot, in my humble opinion, and I'll be picking up some of each.  I have one of these Mongoose's from the gatehouse set.

One of these came with the gate house.  They will be joining my Caliphate Infiltration Battalion.
I'll also be getting at least two of these Falcons.

This is perfect as a gunship or infiltration craft for special forces.
So, again, these are Halo Micro Ops, available at all the best toy shops.  The vehicles might need some paint touch ups but the terrain are good to go straight out of the box.


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