Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of year frenzy

I've been out of action for the last two months.  The blog's been quiet because I have not done anything hobby-wise.  My shoulder is starting to feel better, at the same time that I have a week off of work.  I'm trying to get a whole bunch assembled so that if the weather gets nice enough, I can get it primed.  I have a fair bit primed already, but most of it is not for any current project; rather they are artifacts of past attempts to paint armies.

Several of my kickstarters have come home to roost in the last two weeks.  First through the door was Fanticide.  This was the rules, cards and a Liberi war band, as well as a sample pack and the unicorn.

Next to arrive was Dreadball.  I'm going to focus on the human and Orx teams first, so I need to get them assembled at the very least.

I have also received the new Flames of War starter set.  These will be built for Bolt Action.  I got a couple of tanks for 2$ each out of the clearance bin at Collectormania, and those have been assembled as well.

I also got a bargain box from Mantic for Christmas which has a couple of sprues for my undead army, which is going to be quite large if I can get it put together.

Before the undead I'll be working on some Praetorian Guard and Auxiliaries for my Early Imperial Roman army for Hail Caesar.  Jonathan and I are going to try to get our second game in during January, so a couple more units for that army will be welcome; especially as he is busy expanding his nasty Carthaginians.  (Which are really quite handsome, to be sure).

I also have all but two of the Defiance UAMC Marines to assemble.  I put together two of them back in April when I first got the box.  They have been sitting, half painted, on my desk since then.  I should probably finish them over this week, just to have accomplished something.

I do have a unit of EIR Veterans who are primed, so those are going to get some paint this week as well.

So, hopefully, I'll have some progress to show on the blog.  I still get tired easily but I need to pull it out and start painting, even if it is only in small batches.

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