Sunday, December 30, 2012

Final assembly

That's it.  I'm calling it a year.  No more hobby will happen before the 1st.  I accomplished most of what I was aiming for the last few days though.  The pile waiting for priming has grown.

Auxiliary Command from Warlord.  Very nice models.

First up is a box of Auxiliary infantry.  I received these for Valentines day and finally got them assembled.  There are only four different poses, though they do come with metal command models, which are very nice.  These lads are larger than the legionaries, which I'm fine with.  The boys from Italy should be smaller than their allies from the north.

There are no sword options in this kit.  I like to have swords in the front rank.
The Optio with the spear is an awesome model.  I may cut the feathers off and use him as a General.  
Following the Auxiliaries I also finished the Praetorian guards that I got at the same time.  These guys are also very nice models.  The bodies are the same as the legionairies but they have more pilum options and crests on their helmets.  I was concerned that the crests would be fiddly to assemble but they were a breeze.
Praetorian Command.  The Centurion here is so arrogant he hasn't even bothered to draw his sword.
The sword armed models.  They are very resolute.  They must be bargaining for the next emperor.
Thrusting with the spear.

Throwing their pila.
The entire Cohort.  I'll run these guys eight wide by two deep, each model representing twenty actual men.
The final bit of assembly was some 15mm tanks for Bolt Action.  First off are my bargain bin buys.  (Say that ten times fast).  The Tiger was $2.  The blister was open so it is missing its gun barrel.  The panzer IV was $4 and is all there.  The SDKfz 250/10 also had all of it's parts, at $3 another great buy.  The Sherman is from the Open Fire starter for Flames Of War.  I'll be using these models for Bolt Action until I can get some 28mm collected, assembled and painted.

Tiger.  That's a big hole to overlook.
Panzer IVE.
SdKfz 250/10
The plastic Sherman V is from the Open Fire set.  I'm not impressed with this model.  The fit on this tank is just crap.
It doesn't look bad from this angle.
The gaps are very visible from this angle.  Both sides of the deck are separated significantly but the left side is just horrible.
That's the end of the year with a bang.  The clean up on these was hard on my shoulder.  I had to take a bunch of breaks to get them all done.  I'm planning on painting next week, so I'm hoping that I can hang in there a bit better for that.  Still, I'm pleased to have gotten all of this done this last week.


  1. Damn good production, here's to a good 2013.

    1. Thanks Fran. Now if I could just match 10% of your painting output I'd be set.

  2. Those are all some great looking models! Happy New Year Aaron.

    1. Happy New Year to you as well Jonathan. I hope we get even more gaming in next year than we did this one.

  3. I agree, that Option with the spear is great!

    Over 500 figs in a year? You must be chuffed- I would be :-)
    Here's to another great year in 2013 Aaron

    1. Paul, thanks for that. I'll be even happier when I manage to paint half that much.


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