Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fanticide minis

I received my Fanticide Kickstarter rewards awhile back.  It was definitely good value for my money.  The book is beautiful.  The rules are interesting and fun.  The ability to build your own warbands is brilliant and the models are characterful and well made.

Flying monkeys from the Kingdom of Odd.  Awesome!

My pledge got me the rule book, cards, a Liberi warband, a sample pack and spell templates.  The only disappointment is the vultures, which came with white metal flight stands.  I'll have to dig around and see if I have any brass rod left, because the white metal is laughably incapable of holding up the models.

As part of my end of year assembly frenzy I cleaned up and glued down all of the Fanticide models, except for the birds.

You can see the monkey's above.  This is a very characterful army, but I could say that about all of them, so we'll consider it said.  I expected the wings to be a pain to get to stay, but they were really easy.  After seeing this model in the "flesh" I'm seriously tempted to make them my other army.

The two exemplars from the Fae list.
The next two models are from the Fae list.  These are both brilliant little sculpts.  This is classical fantasy stuff and I'm guessing I'll pick up the models some day, just to have some on hand.  The details are very nice, clean up was a breeze and the sculpts are just sweet.

That snail looks like it just crawled out of my garden.
Next up are the eyeball creatures.  These are unique to the Fanticide world and are pretty dog-gone cool.  For those looking for something they haven't seen before, these guys are it.

The Creeps are a new and unique brand of monster.
Last up is the Unicorn.  In keeping with the design brief of this game, everything kills you, this unicorn is less butterflies and rainbows and more blood and impalement.

The stabby unicorn of death.
That's a little bit of what each of the other armies has to offer.  Next up are my Liberi.  I bought these simply because I've always loved centaurs and they have no place in any game that I play.  I also really liked the plains Indians aesthetic of these guys.

The Leader.
Mawbeast.  Even the terrain is deadly in this game.



Overall, I'm quite pleased.  I did not receive a shaman, meaning I'll be placing an order with Alien Dungeon at some point in the near future.  Their nefarious plot becomes clear.  I don't see this being a main game but it has the potential for some tongue in cheek gaming to break things up a bit.  I look forward to the weather warming up enough to prime these and to getting them painted.


  1. I really do like those eyeball creatures.

    1. They have grown on me. The more they stare at me from the work bench the more I want a whole warband of them.


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