Wednesday, January 02, 2013

My 2012 Ouptut - For posterity's sake

These are my Assembled/Painted numbers for 2012.  I'll be keeping them here, just so I can compare, year on year.  Using Curt's point system for the Analogue Painting Challenge this is 934 points painted.  That's for a whole year, mind you.  Some of his contestants are closing on that after a couple of weeks.  I guess I'll need to try a lot harder this year.
Painted models just look so much better, I'm not sure why it's so hard to get motivated to paint them.

I have painted the following this year

Total: 155 models

28mm: 99 models

1 x Nazgul on foot
1 x Haradrim King
2 x Haradrim Chieftans
1 x Haradrim Banner
1 x Haradrim Hornblower
1 x Haradrim Taskmaster
18 x Haradrim archers
6 x Abrkhan Merchant's Guards
18 x Haradrim spearmen
48 x Roman Legionaries (Warlord)
2 x Roman Scorpion

15mm: 56 models

1 x Grav Scout (CMG)
1 x Grav Bike (CMG)
8 x Recon Troopers (CMG)
6 x VIPER (Rebel)
1 x Saber (Rebel)
39 x Sahadeen infantry (Rebel)

This year I have assembled:
Total: 525

28mm: 414 models

1 x Betrayer on foot
1 x Betrayer on Horse
12 x Galadrim Warriors
1 x Converted Galadrim Storm Caller
1 x Erestor
1 x Arwen on foot
1 x High Elven banner bearer
23 x High Elf Warriors
43 x Warlord Celtic Warriors
42 x Roman Legionaries (Warlord)
20 x Roman Veterans (Warlord)
2 x Roman Scorpion (Warlord)
2 x UAMC Marines (Defiance)
59 x Pink Horrors (GW)
39 x Bloodletters of Khorne (GW)
16 x Saurus Warriors (GW)
28 x Chaos Space Marines (GW)
1 x Chaos Rhino (GW)
5 x Chaos Terminators (GW)
4 x Varghulf (GW)
4 x Bloodletters (on Varghulf)
6 x Juggernaughts (GW)
6 x Fleshhounds (GW)
8 x Flamers (GW)
1 x Herald of Tzeentch (GW)
1 x The Changeling (GW)
23 x Warriors of Minas Tirith (GW)
6 x Whargs (GW)
6 x Wharg Riders (GW)
20 x Liberi (Alien Dungeon)
7 x Samples (Alien Dungeon)
24 x Roman Auxiliaries (Warlord)

15mm: 111 models

24 x ARC Recon Troopers (CMG)
8 x ARC Fleet Recon GL (CMG)
8 x ARC Fleet Recon Command (CMG)
4 x ARC Fleet Missile lchr (CMG)
4 x ARC Fleet Recon Sniper (CMG)
5 x ARC Scout Bike (CMG)
1 x ARC Missile Bike (CMG)
1 x ARC Scout Grav Tank (CMG)
6 x VIPER (Rebel)
45 x Sahadeen (Rebel)
1 x Saber (Rebel)
3 x Bastion APC (CMG)
1 x Panzer IV (Battlefront)

Terrain: 9 models

2 x ARC Fleet Comms Dishes (CMG)
7 x GameCraft buildings

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