Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Warhammer Wood Elves

Here are the pictures of the Wood Elf army I recently received as a gift/bequest.  There is not a lot to it, and no paint on it at all.  This leaves me with questions and opportunities.  For a couple of reasons, it's very important to get this army just right.

The full army.

This is the Wood Elf army I talked about here.  Since the owner of this army died tragically, I want to do it justice.  I assembled this army for him, though he never got to play with it.

I am bouncing back and forth between an autumn and a winter theme for this army.  Winter is appropriate as the bleak season of sadness.  Autumn because that is when he died.

I would, genuinely, appreciate any thoughts anyone would care to share on this project.  I want to get this just right, so I will be planning it out in much greater detail then is normal for me.  I will be painting this to the best of my ability, not my usual table top standard.

 I will not be starting it any time soon.  It's still too immediate for that.


  1. That is tragic Aaron, I am glad you have this opportunity. I'm sure you will paint this army beautifully and give it great meaning no matter the theme.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. I hope to do it justice.

  2. Maybe more vibrant to show his life as colourful.....

    1. You might be right Fran. I have been thinking a lot of oranges and yellows for autumn, if I go that way. Thanks for the suggestion.


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