Sunday, July 07, 2013

The Company is formed - In Her Majesty's Name V

Maj Waller stood in the ward room of the Rattlesnake as the steamer plowed it's way across the Atlantic.  With him in the room were the leadership of the reinforced platoon he had formed.  Before him stood some of the greatest Marines of his time, men who were already legends in the Corps, if not in the wider world.

Sitting just in front of Waller was his second in command, Capt David Dixon Porter, known as Dave.  Porter had been with him on Samar.  He came from a long line of naval officers, the black sheep of his family.  Porter already held the Medal of Honor, as did several of the other men in this room.

Capt David Dixon Porter, XO of the Clerks and Writers.

Seated across the table from Porter was the dapper 1stLt Earl Hancock Ellis, known as Pete.  Sitting, reclining really, with an ever present drink in his hand.  Pete was the Intelligence officer for the Clerks.  Brilliant, self destructive, brave to the point of madness.  Pete would need watching.

Lt Ellis, the intel officer.
The last of Waller's officers was 2ndLt Smedly Darlington Butler.  Lt Butler was junior, but like every member of the Clerks he had proven himself in action before being allowed to join.  Butler showed great promise, though he had not accomplished anything brilliant during his time in Cuba.

2ndLt Butler, taken as a Maj General many years later.
The final two members of the meeting were enlisted men.  Standing behind Maj Waller was Gunnery Sergeant John Henry Quick, known, only and always, as Gunny.  Quick had earned the Medal of Honor during the fighting in Cuba and was widely believed to be absolutely fearless.

Gunny Quick.
The last Marine in the room was Sgt Daniel Daly.  Sgt Daly had earned his Medal of Honor in China, defending the Tartar Wall against the Boxers.  Sgt Daly was the man closest to the Marines of the platoon.

Sgt Dan Daly, wearing his two Medals of Honor, earned as a member of the company.

"Gentlemen, We have just passed the 200 mile mark from shore.  I will now open my sealed orders".  Every Marine in the room stiffened.  Tony ripped the envelope open and removed the packet of papers.  He took his time reading them, at first it was to let the suspense build, but soon he was engrossed in the words.  Looking up he eyed every man in the room.  "Marines, we are headed for Europe."  "It seems there are some artifacts on the loose that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.  The wrong hands are anyone but ours".

This is the leadership of my Company, The Major General Commandant's Clerks and Writers.  All of these men were real Marines; legends of the Corps.  I've taken some liberties with some of the timelines, but this is an alternate history, fantasy game, after all.  On Tuesday I'll follow up with the Company roster.


  1. This is just brilliant. The backgrounds of the men and the pictures, brings a nice bit of reality to the fantasy.

    1. Thanks Anne. I appreciate the encouragement. Tune in on Tuesday. There's a personal touch just for you.

  2. Wonderful, I love the fusing of real life and fantasy - heroes one and all.

    1. Thank you Michael. Now I have to hope that their general doesn't let them down.


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