Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Company List - MGCC&W - In Her Majesty's Name VI

Yesterday I posted up an introduction for the main players in my Company.  Today I'm posting the company list with stats and characters.  I only have eight models so far, one officer, one Sgt and six Marines.  I have a model for Mr. Smith on the way, but it's coming from the UK so it will probably take another two weeks to get here.  I still need to source models for the sailors.  Some of the more exotic options will wait until I've played a few games and to see if official models are released for the USMC.

Marines in Cuba.

The various officers give me leadership options as different costs.  The Gunny and the Sgt serve the same purpose.  Lt Ellis has some ability to resist spells, so can be included in lists where that is likely to be a problem.  Chief McCracken and the sailors will come along later, when I find the right models for them.

Private O'Leary, named after a certain blogger, is a combative Irishman who likes to get down and dirty with his fists and knife (Bayonet).  He's a trouble maker and a mal-content, but his only home is the Marine Corps and he is more trouble to the enemy than to his fellow Marines.

Rocky Kirkland is a crack shot.  Born in the bayou, south of New Orleans, he can shoot the eye out of a turkey in a thunderstorm.


  1. Private O'Leary must be a cousin to me then with a temper like that! I see he's not got a lot in the speed department, but he's got a lot of pluck. Just like a true Irishman!

    1. I imagine he would fit right in on the O'Leary farmstead.


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