Saturday, July 20, 2013

Treasures from the past VI

More treasures from my childhood.  In a Battletech box, along with the mechs, there were a bunch of miniatures.  These were used for roleplaying.  They are a little bit worse for wear, but nothing that can't be fixed.

The lot of them.  Divided up, more or less, by faction.

These were bought from a couple of different games stores, or cast by me.  I didn't have many and I'm not really sure what I intended to do with them.  It's entirely likely that there was not greater purpose and I just liked the models.
Various foot Knights/adventurers and men-at-arms.
The first group were foot knights and men-at-arms.  These were probably meant to be adventurers, though I can't remember.  They had a variety of styles of armor and different weapons.  They were all painted differently.  You can see my painting style is developing as there is more than one color on these models.

The big guy in the center was a favorite of mine.
These models are true 25mm, which makes them pretty small by today's standards.  The barbarian with the nasty sword and a wolf on his head is a head taller than his pards.  He might fit in with my modern collections.

The last of the "good" types.  A banner man.  A crossbowmen and a cleric/mage/general of some sort.
There was a set of barbarians.  I'm actually pretty sure the big dude with the wolf head goes with these three.  The orc doesn't, but he doesn't have any friends either.  I have no idea who these sculpts are from.  They are bigger than the first group.  They are also cruder and more clunky.

Barbarians and an orc.  Not the best figures.
The next set were my favorites.  This was a pack of eight skeletons.  I seemed to have a thing for painting stuff black back then.  These were just nice, characterful sculpts.

Skeletons.  The Samurai one has broken his sword off.
The last three groups were models that I cast myself.  I'm pretty sure I bought the molds out of the back of Dragon magazine.  I remember scoring an old frying pan from my father and melting down the white metal on the tabletop.  I loved that the ones that didn't come out just went back in the pan.  I can still see the little dudes melting back into the puddle of silvery metal.

Dwarves and a mounted dude.  I remember there being horses.
More skelikans.
The skeletons had some nice poses.  They just didn't tend to get the metal all the way to the ends of the weapons.

Wood elves.  There were three poses in each mold, so I assume I made some bows too.
I'm not really sure what I'll end up doing with these in the long run.  For now they are back in their box and back in the basement.  Some will have roles to play in the future, I'm sure.  Other's may just become more models for Rhys.


  1. Wonderfully nostalgic, lovely miniatures.

    1. There are some really nice ones in here.

  2. Isn't it nice to find bits of your childhood tucked away in boxes. I find it fascinating that you were casting your own figures when you were a kid. If you do nothing else with them, they should be passed on to future generations.

    1. Rhys already wants them, and that's an easy decision to make. I still hope that molds will turn up in another box.

  3. I remember looking at the home casting kits when I was about that age too, but I never actually got around to getting one to try out

    1. I'm not sure why, this one time, I actually ordered something from the back of the magazine, but I'm glad I did.

  4. Those guys in the second picture are from Grenadier (1983). They were in a box set called "Knights, Fighters, and Men At Arms" from their Fantasy Lords line. I got my set at roughly the same point in my painting development (i.e. when I started putting more than one color on a mini). Nice bit of nostalgia. (Interestingly, my version of the knight on the right is also missing his weapon--a hand axe, iirc.)

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the provenance. Do you still have yours?


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