Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gaming with the Wee ones

It's been a long hard month since I last posted.  Summer is always rough but this one was especially so.  I'm looking forward to a nice slow fall and winter with no drama.

I've been doing a lot of assembly, mostly more commission work putting together 90+ Cryx models.  That work will fund my Dux Brit army, so worth the pain.  I've also plussed up my 15mm Sci/Fi with my CMG Kickstarter, more models for my Sahadeen army and some Khursan vics to mechanize them.  I'll be covering the Khursan models in a post all their own but let me just lead up to that with "WOW!"  These things set the bar for awesome.

I've also been dabbling with painting my company for In Her Majesty's Name.  I have four of nine models painted, though not based.  I'll get a picture of them up soon as well.

The big news though, and what this post is really about, is the latest gaming with the boys...

I took some pictures of my old D&D books for a post last month.  Rhys was fascinated and wanted to play my "New Game".  Rhys is eight, and special needs.  He wants to game but is not yet ready for some of the finer nuances of miniature gaming, like measuring and adding.  He has been loving the D&D board games, and thought this was right up his alley.

Owyn is six and is also learning to love games.  He also likes the D&D board games, though not as much as his brother.  Since Rhys was fascinated and Owyn was interested, I decided to try them out on a game.  I pulled out the red book from my child hood.  We rolled up some characters and off we went.

It was a simple game, with miniatures.  I wasn't at all worried about ranges or measuring.  The boys got to kill goblins and role play.  The looks on their faces as they talked to villagers or made plans were amazing.  They loved it.  They have asked to play every night and we've played five or six times now.  They are still learning, and Rhys has a tendency to want to run away and leave his brother to fight the monsters.

It's been a great success and we'll add it to our games of X-Wing as a standby.  I'm especially pleased that they are using their imaginations and getting in to the story.  They like their video games as much as the next kid but they are all about this style of gaming.

It's made up for the lack of any other gaming or hobby.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It has been a bright spot through the last few weeks. Rhys has been saying "Daddy, let's play our new game". I love that it is "our" game.

  2. This is so very sweet. Keep them at it and they will have such good memories of time spent with you.

    1. Thanks Anne. That's always a consideration. Both of our boys were born through en vitro fertilization after years of failed attempts. Even after all these years we still don't take them for granted. They really are the delight's of our life. Spending quality time with them is hugely important to both of us.

  3. Good stuff Aaron! You have some great boys :)

    1. I'm very lucky Jonathan. Thank you.


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