Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Assembling Celts

More work on the assembly front.  This weekend I finished off forty Celts from Warlord.  These will be going onto unit bases for Hail Caesar.  It will be the first time I've not individually based models as well as the  first time I will have painted models that weren't based.

Hail Caesar
40 of the little blighters.

The models go together well, though some of them have an odd pose.  The two in the front rank on the right are a good example.  If you seat the torso in the leg socket so that it looks normal, the dudes look like they're starting a race.

Hail Caesar
Close up.  Handsome fellows, aren't they?
These are nice sculpts.  Great for filling out an army.  I'm planning to get some of their metal Britons to go in the front ranks and some Wargames Factory Celts for the rear ranks.  Between the three boxes I can get three or four warbands out of the way.  That will give me a good core to the army.  I'll then need to add in cavalry, chariots and skirmishers/missile troops.

Hail Caesar
More smelly barbarians.
This army will be the main opponents for my Romans, gaming the conquest of Britannia.  No rush on this one, or particular deadlines.  It will probably take shape over the next year or so.


  1. Awesome! My Macedonians are still staring at me.

    1. They'll do that until you paint them.

    2. These are fantastic figures from Warlord Games. the chariots have animation but need a lot of "construction". cant wait to see how yours turn out. I am doing mine up as Caledonians

    3. I've got them base coated now. I just need to get over my current painting malaise and get some stuff done.


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