Wednesday, October 02, 2013

More assembly

In my continued efforts to get as much primed as possible before winter hits I assembled another handful of models this weekend.  I had grand plans to get 40 Celts assembled as that will be a major goal for the winter.  Alas, I didn't even get the box opened, spending my time on the table and roads instead.

What I did get done was some LotR Rohan models that I had forgotten I had.  They had been on sale at the local shop and I picked them up for half price.  I then promptly forgot about them until this weekend when I was digging up models to assemble.

Lord of the Rings
Five of the seven models.

The models were three blister packs.  The first was Erkenbrand, on foot and mounted.  He has some pretty nice rules in the new book, allowing you to upgrade your riders in a useful way.  On top of that I really like the model.

The second blister was Grimbold.  This character lets you make your Rohan infantry suck slightly less.  Rohan is hard to play anyway, but if you run an infantry army then you are a real glutton for punishment.  This is another nice model.

Lord of the Rings
Erkenbrand in the center.  
The third blister was three Rohan Royal Guard on foot.  These are nice models and are the best troops available to a Rohan player.  Again, they are on foot, but you have to have a foot model for your mounted models for when their horses get shot out from under them.

GW FAQ'd the Rohan list in such a way that they are now playable.  They are far from over powered but at least you aren't forced to pay for options that you can't use.  This was my first army when I started LotR and they were always my favorite part of the books as a child.  I'll be finishing this army up, and adding one more box of riders.  Then it's just a matter of getting them on the table.

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