Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Roads

The roads are coming along.  A couple of coats of dry brush and some flock and such and they'll be finished.
In the last installment the roads were coated with textured paint and then painted with my standard basecoat of brown house paint.

The next step is very much similar to how I do bases for my models.

A road base, ready for sand.

The first step is to lay a bead of glue all the way down the length of the road.  There will be three of these, one on each side and one down the center.  I do them one at a time as this is a messy process and trying to sand up three beads of glue at the same time would be even worse.

Glue and road, not much more to say about it.
The next step is to get the sand on.  I just sprinkle it on.  It sticks just fine.  Rhys helped me with this part, on about four of the road sections, before he got bored.  Once the sand is on the glue I flick the back of the wood with my finger to fling off any excess.

A finished road, drying slowly.
Once the sand was dried I painted it with a second layer of water and PVA.  This seals it and makes sure that the sand will not come off during play.  Once that was dried I painted the sand with the same brown paint as the base coat.  Now I'm just waiting for the paint to dry so I can dry brush the lot.


  1. Splendid progress, like them a lot!

    1. Thanks. They're coming along. I have too many things on the go. I need to get one done.


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