Thursday, December 26, 2013

Painting Challenge IV - Roman Auxiliaries

Entry number two has gone in to Curt and been up on his blog for more than the obligatory 24 hours.  I can now share it here, in all its glory.
All eight of the latest reinforcements.

The transfers were painful, as always.
 These models are Warlord auxiliary infantry for me EIR army.   The figures are Warlord games plastic box.  They are nice but very samey.  I’ve bought two boxes of these models, giving me 48 total.  I had to buy some extra command to give me three units of 16, the standard size for my Hail Caesar Romans, since they are single based for skirmishing, and stuck in GW War of the Ring bases.
 The box comes with one set of decals which I have used on both of my units so far, and the third coming up.  These decals are clear, so they will show a base color painted underneath, (unlike the Legionary decals which are opaque).   I’ve painted each unit’s shields a different color.  If I buy more of this set I’ll have to pick up some of their decal sheets to mix things up a bit more.
 If you are paying attention you’ll notice that six of these have yellow shields and two have green shields.  I’m an idiot.  What can I say.  I’m painting these to complete a half cohort that is already done.  The Warlord box comes with four command models, so the eight that were already completed had a commander already.  This batch should have been six troopers and the signifier and cornicen.  While not a problem, they are in the next group to get painted, poor attention to detail like that can cause me problems as I try to make my goal.
 These are painted to my usual tabletop standard.  The only difference being a bit of highlighting on the faces which I don’t normally do, but will after this as I like the change it brings.  I really like the red, bronze and steel together. 
The first two of the third auxiliary cohort.


  1. They are very nice, I really like the colours you have used


    1. Thanks Ian. I'm finding that most primary colors seem to go really well with bronze.

  2. Transfer application may be painful but they turned out great!

    1. Jonathan, I agree. They are a pain but the results make it worth it. Some of Warlord's transfers are horrible to deal with. These aren't too bad. Either that or I'm getting better at it.


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