Monday, December 30, 2013

Painting Challenge VI - EIR medium auxiliary cavalry

Another batch of models sent off to Curt, and displayed for the requisite time.  These are the first of my medium cavalry for the EIR.  This Auxiliary, the Alae I Thracum, will support the Legio II Augusta along with the Numidian light horse I finished earlier this year.

auxiliary cavalry
Alae I Thracum.  Half of them at any rate.

From the post I sent to Curt:
  Here’s six 28mm medium auxiliary cavalry for my EIR Romans.  These are, again, from Warlord Games.  The difference is that I was very unhappy with these castings.  They are, without question, the worst models that I’ve gotten from them and I will not buy any more.  The flash was unbelievable.  There are large areas that are just formless lumps.  The white metal spears are crap.  I’ll be investing in a bunch of brass spears for all future uses.

Having said all of that, I’m pleased with how they look.  I love playing with cavalry.  I hate painting horses.  I used this batch as an exercise in painting horses.  I still have some things I’m not happy with; definitely room for improvement.   The faces need work and I still need to figure out how I’m going to do the highlighting and depths on them, I didn’t get it right on these six. 

I have another six of these to finish up and I’ll be done with my Romans, unless I strip the command models and re-prime them.  It’s tempting, hmmm…

Roman auxiliary cavalry
The command troopers.
I'm really looking forward to getting these guys on the table.  Shock cavalry is pretty devastating in HC if used correctly, and I have not had any up to now.

I love the cavalry mask on this trooper.
With my larger table, 8 feet long by 6 wide, the armies will not be taking up the entire length of the available space.  This will give cavalry the opportunity to act the way it is supposed to.  Riding out to the flanks and fighting with the enemy cavalry.

Roman auxiliary cavalry
Side view of the champion.
While I want another unit of horse I won't be buying these particular models from Warlord.  Happily there are other options, I'll just need to peruse the various sellers and see what tickles my fancy.

Roman auxiliary cavalry
Front view of a trooper.
There are six more of these lads to finish up the unit.  After that it's a matter of three command bases and I'm done with this army for now.

Roman auxiliary cavalry
The horn blower.


  1. Those are some lovely minis. Very nice work.

  2. Superb painting and basing.
    Happy New Year,

    1. Thanks Pat. I do enjoy doing the basing and there is a lot more room on the cavalry bases. Happy New Year to you as well.


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