Sunday, May 18, 2014

Astounded, Amazed, Awestruck - The tale of an Easter basket

Chris over at Sippin' On Paint Water had an Easter basket giveaway on his blog.  Please check out Chris' blog.  I don't say this because he gave me stuff and I feel obligated.  I say this because his War in Africa posts set the benchmark for building a story, setting a scene and tying it all together.  If we all go and study his methods then our blogs will all be more interesting to read.

It was the end of a very long day when I on his blog and saw my avatar staring back at me.  I have to admit to several moments of confusion.  I actually closed the tab and went back to my blog roll and clicked again.  When I saw the same thing staring back at me it hit me, I'd won.  After squealing like a little girl I set about sending off my address to Chris.  Several weeks later I received a fair sized box in the mail.  This is what was contained therein.

Chuckles was on the top of the basket.  His carrot was broken and he'd lost his head in all of the excitement.  Good as new now.

I was looking forward to seeing what came in the Easter basket.  I had no idea it would be the beginning of several new armies.  Yeah.  You read that right.  If this Easter basket give away is not legendary on the internet then the internet is wrong.

The basket in all its splendor.  Chuckles has already escaped with a chocolate bunny and is chasing the dogs around the house.
Chocolate bunnys, marshmallows, chocolate eggs and a wind up peep.
Stack-o-sprues.  There are 18 of them.  What could they be?
Wargames Factory Persian infantry.  That's a lot of dudes for an army I didn't know I wanted until I saw this.
A steam punky/VSF tank.  I do not know its provenance but I think the USMC is about to get reinforced in IHMN.
Orc!  Yay!  I have a bunch of these guys from long ago.  I'm looking forward to adding these two into that army.
Swarms.  I can use all of these models.  This is a great sprue.
15mm Afghans.  These will make good militia/freedom fighters for my Sci/Fi campaign.
More of the same, though some have berets.  They'll be Federation militia instead.
Standing figure.  I don't know the manufacturer, but these are nice 15mm models.
Beret wearing Federation freedom fighter.
15mm Fantasy.  These will work well for army markers on a campaign map.
Boars for Orc boar riders.  They are just right for 28mm pigs.  Dark ages farm, here I come.
15mm Truck.  Technical in the making.
That's a lot of stuff right there.  28mm historical and fantasy figures.  15mm modern and fantasy.  A couple of vehicles.  Chuckles the Easter troll.  The thing is, Chris wasn't done.  There's more.

28mm Vehicle parts.  Some will go on the steam tank and the rest will find homes in other places.
Sci/Fi trooper.  Again, not sure of the manufacturer.  Nice resin pieces though.  They look like traitor Guard.
There are a bunch of them.  With heads.  And weapons.
Now we're done.  That's a whole lot of Easter/modelling goodness right there.  I am amazed at Chris' generosity, and very grateful.  These bits and bobs will be springing up here and there in the future.  Thanks Chris.


  1. That is one fantastic pile of loot!

    1. I know right? It's pretty amazing.

    2. That is an understatement. Very generous offering by Chris.

  2. That is a huge pile of loot. A very generous offering from Chris.

    1. This community of ours amazes me with its generosity.

  3. I'm glad it made it to you in its entirety if not intact. The resin guys are from a company called Ramshackle Games. They are a UK company with lots of neat minis and a pretty good game called Nuclear Renaissance. I'll have to do a better job of packing it next year, maybe fill the whole box with marshmallow fluff. :)

    1. Chris, it was only the troll who was harmed, and it was the easiest repair job ever. Thanks for the info on the resin guys. I'll have to look them up.

      Again, thank you so much. This was an incredibly generous gift and I am very grateful.


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