Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Romano British Levy

I've completed the first six models for my Romano British force for Dux Brit and Hail Caesar.  These are Gripping Beast models, purchased from Too Fat Lardies.  There were a lot of models in that purchase.

The leader of the six levy.
As always with a new army it took me awhile to wrap my brain around the colors I wanted for these models.  New armies are always hard for me to start because of this phase.  I've found that I can't rush it.  I have to let the image coalesce over time.  These models were on the table for the painting challenge but I couldn't get past the mental block in time to get them done.

This is one of the few shield types that has a metal rim.
The Gripping Beast models didn't come with decals.  I bought some from Westwind when I placed a supplemental order during their tasty sale.  I didn't buy enough for everyone though, so my pre-school teacher would be very disappointed in me.  I'm sorry Mrs Rogers.  You did train me better than that.

The leader's shield.
Since free hand was the only thing left to me I decided that the levy would be the most likely to have painted their own shields and that, therefore, my crude free hand skills would be adequate there.

Simple geometric shapes are almost within my skills.
The shields are such a large part of the models that I spent the most time on them.  I also decided to paint each group of six with the same colors.  Once they are all done I can mix and match.

This one I just made up.
The yin and yang is from the Notitia Dignitatum.  It predates the asian symbol by several hundred years.
Fancy shield on this guy.  He must have served in the army before taking up farming.
Ranked up as they would appear on the battlefield.
All six with their shields.
The other side.
With the exception of the shields these are quick and easy to paint up.  I should be able to knock out the rest of the levy soon, though some EIR command stands are calling to me first.


  1. Great paint job, love the faces and the shields especially...

    1. Thank you Phil. I'm glad they came out well.

  2. Lovely work, I especially like the way the shield designs and colours tie the unit together.

    1. Thank you Michael. I wanted to give them each some individuality but also, as you say, tie them together.


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