Friday, May 30, 2014

Liebster Award

I'ts been a busy week with more social events than are normal for me.  Spending time with real people meant that I did not spend the usual time with you fine folks.  So imagine my surprise when I went through my blog roll and found that I had been nominated for not just one, but two Liebsters.

Hendrid, at ALBAtwo Warblog was the first to put me down.  I'm flattered as a really enjoy his blog.  The second nomination came from Mike at Life in the Past Lane... a blogger who shares my inability to focus on a single project.  Thank you gentlemen, both.

There are, of course, rules that go along with this sort of thing.
1. Post the award on my blog. (Easy, done).
2. Pass the award on to my top 11 blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the award and listing them on your own blog.  (Not easy.  Not easy at all.  Have you seen all of the awesome blogs that I follow?)
3.  Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have made someone's day!  (Basking sounds doable.  I hope it involves a hot rock, sun and a beer).
4.  There is no obligation to pass this on to someone else but it's nice if you take the time to do so. (Feeling obligated to be nice.  I'll bask some more afterwards to recover).

This year also includes answering and asking questions.  Happily only Hendrid posed questions so I don't have to answer 22 questions, only 11.

First off, the blogs I am awarding the award to (too many awards in that sentence).

1.  Off t'Club
2.  Here's no great matter
3.  Sippin' On Paint Water (cheat, he has too many followers.  So sue me)
4.  Shed Wards (another cheat.  When they're good, they're good).
5.  Yarkshire Gamer
6.  1000 Foot General
7.  Wargaming with Silver Whistle (Way too many followers but he's got the best terrain and photography around.  You have to check this out).
8.  Mad Padre's Wargames
9.  Twin Cities Gamer
10. The British Army at Waterloo
11. EndTransmission's gaming stuff

These are all great blogs and worth spending a few hours perusing.

Secondly I have to answer the 11 questions asked.

1.  What got you into wargamin?  I've always wargamed.  When I was little it was with the one blocks in Legos.
2.  What's your favorite wargaming period/genre?  I don't have one.  I love fantasy and sci/fi and historicals of all sorts.
3.  What's the last book you've read and finished?  I just finished reading The Dragon and the George by Gordon Dickson.  Love his Dorsai stuff.  Need to re-read that too.
4.  Who is your favorite miniature sculptor?  Sacrilegious I know, but I don't have one.
5.  If you were sentenced to death by firing squad, who would you want staked out next to you and why?  One of my former commanding officers.  He hated his Marines and looked on us all as constant threats to his glorious career.
6.  What has been your most unforgettable wargaming moment?  A game of Warhammer Fantasy in which I fired a single shot from my Volley Gun and killed an entire unit of 20 Khorne warriors of chaos.
7.  Who would you like to write your epitaph and why?  Abraham Lincoln.  That cat had a way with words.
8.  What's your most proud of model and why?  It's two models, and they aren't mine.  They are Rhys and Owyn's first models that they painted.  Watching their discovery of the hobby and learning the joys it can bring is priceless.
9.  If you could have your own flag, what would be on it?  A badger.  Not a Ray-Badger, just a badger.  I carried a carved stone badger with me in my medicine bag on all my deployments.
10.  Why is a Raven like a writing Desk?  Edgar Allen Poe, stuff, stuff, no idea, Poe.
11.  If you were a character from Lord of the Rings, who would you be and why?  Aragorn.  One of the finest examples of selfless sacrifice and service to others.  A deep character with flaws and heroism who doesn't always know the answer but decides and acts despite his uncertainty.


  1. Congratulations on two nominations for the award, well deserved as you have a superb blog.
    Also, thank you kindly for nominating me.

    1. Thank you very much Pat. Coming from you that is high praise indeed.

  2. Congrats on the Liebster Aaron, it's well deserved.

    I can appreciate your answer to #5. When I was in the Territorial Army, our squadron 2ic was a complete twat who would be dangerous to us if we were called up for real.

    1. The wretched officers and the very best are the ones that stick with you in memory.

  3. Thanks a lot for putting me, Yarkshire Gamer on you list. I've only been blogging for a few month and its nice to have stuff noticed.

    Regards, Ken

    1. Ken, I hope this will point more people to your fine blog. No pressure or anything.

  4. Congrats and definitely not a Ray badger, they're awful!

    1. Thanks Fran. It beggars the mind.


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