Saturday, August 02, 2014

Captain Raouf Al-Tharki - 47th Infiltration Company

Captain Raouf Al-Tharki, recently promoted from command of the 47th Infiltration Company's infantry platoon, now commands the 47th Company, 12th Al-Thani Infiltration Battalion.
Rebel Minis Sahadeen officer.

Born the third son of a merchant's family on Tesifon 5, Al-Tharki had planned to follow his father into the family business.  His plans changed while he was serving his five years of conscripted service, when he realized that the army was his calling.  His superiors recognized his exceptional characteristics and recommended him for a commission; a not uncommon occurrence in the meritocratic Caliphate forces.

Upon completion of officer training, Al-Tharki commanded an infantry platoon in a line regiment of Al-Thani regulars.  His above average leadership, independence and initiative led to him being assigned to an infiltration battalion upon promotion from 1st Lieutenant to 2nd Lt.  Al-Tharki was given command of the 12th Bn's logistics platoon, the junior command in the Bn.

Al-Tharki excelled in this position and was given command of the 47th Company's infantry platoon when that position opened up, upon the death of his predecessor.  The infantry platoon is the senior platoon in an infiltration company and this promotion marked Al-Tharki as a rising star within the battalion.

The infantry platoon serves as the core around which attachments are made.  Infiltration battalions task organize company and platoon battlegroups depending on the assigned mission.  This necessitates a strong understanding of combined arms and the proper employment of supporting branches.  Al-Tharki has proven to be a master of infiltration coordination, leading to a continuous string of successes.

With the current fighting on Malvee, the 47th Infil Co has been in continuous combat with UN forces as well as the renegade mercenaries of the Khanate.  Al-Tharki has fought a string of raid, reconnaissance and counter reconnaissance missions.  The latest action was the battle of Ifs in which a UN force was roundly defeated with minimal losses to Al-Tharki's battle group.  This action confirmed his superior's high opinion of the Lt.  When his company commander was gravely wounded, Al-Tharki was the obvious choice to take command of the company.

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