Saturday, August 09, 2014

Star Wars Armada - Coming soon

Fantasy Flight Games has just announced another game off of their Star Wars license.  Star Wars Armada, scheduled for release in early 2015, will bring fleet battles to the table top.

Picture from Fantasy Flight Games.  

I've been envisioning a campaign in my mind for the last year.  It would use four games to model a planetary invasion.  There would be fleet level games using Firestorm Armada.  Fighter patrols and small ship actions using X-Wing.  Ground battles using Gruntz and, finally, special forces actions using Deadzone.

I'm a big fan of X-Wing.  I don't post bat-reps for it here, since I don't find X-Wing battle reports that interesting, to be honest.  I play it a lot, both with Rhys and Owyn and with adults.  I'll be buying the starter box but if this is as good a game as X-Wing then Firestorm may have just gotten bumped from the campaign system.

Reading through the description on the Fantasy Flight page I could actually feel my wallet deflating.


  1. I was alerted to this earlier this morning, I'm just going to have to have a look too.

    1. I wasn't excited about X-Wing; had no intention of buying it. I played one game and immediately bought in. I'm hoping this will be as great.

  2. Don't try to resist to the Dark Side, the Force is too strong
    You know you want that game (and me too)
    Luckily it is announced for 2015 so enough time to save some money for the project


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