Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Entry 19 - 24 Celtic Warriors

This entry is twenty four Celtic infantry as a four element warband for Hail Caesar.  These 28mm figures are a mix of Black Tree, Warlord and Wargames Factory.

24 Celtic warriors with spears.

These are mounted on 60mm x 60mm bases from Litko.  There are six warriors per base.  I wanted a deeper, more chaotic looking formation than my Romans.

The shields are geometric shapes but no fancy free hand.
The front rank are, mostly, Black Tree designs Celts.  These were a gift from fellow blogger Jonathan from Palouse Wargaming Journal.  Please check out his blog.  He has eclectic tastes and great painting.  I always find inspiration on his site.

The Command stand.
I received the BTD Celts just before their Christmas 50% off sale ended.  I took one look and put in an order for more of them.  They are very handsome fellows with a load of character.

The one on the right with the green and white shield is my favorite.
The BTD and Warlord models were fun to paint.  Good detail and character.  The Wargames Factory were a mixed bag, as usual.  Some are great and some are horrible.  Ranked up like this the ugly ducklings are less visible behind their more handsome leaders.

This stand is all Warlord or Wargames Factory.
The Warlord transfers were worse than usual this time.  Every single one of them tore while I was removing it from the transfer paper.  I was going to be hand painting many of these shields anyway but that just pushed me to do them all.  I just didn't feel up to free handing Celtic designs though.

Celts from the rear.  A not uncommon sight on gaming tables the world over.
I really like the look of the element bases.  They are a pain to do the base work on but the end result is well worth the effort.  I'll do a few more warbands like this as well as more single based for skirmish.

Close up of the command stand.
I am still enjoying these models so they will get some more brush action after the challenge.  I need a few more warbands if I'm going to be able to match the Romans.

BTD Celts in the front.  Handsome devils.
I believe I've got enough models for three more of these warbands as well as both sling and javelin armed skirmishers.

Warlord plastics.  Still great looking models.
These twenty four models should put me over my second goal.  I'm going to sit on 1500 for the remainder.  These models also put me at 157 for the year, which is a new record, ever.


  1. Great looking figures. Nice job!

  2. Great work! I thought I recognized those figures as BTD from the thumbnail before I opened your post.
    Glad you liked the figures and especially happy to hear they provided a little inspiration!

    1,500 painting points since early December is outstanding production. Congratulations on that goal!

    1. They did inspire. They are very fun figures to paint. Thanks again! No one is more amazed than me at hitting that goal. Last year I barely cleared 600 for the entire challenge.

  3. Lovely looking figures, looking forward to seeing more of these over the coming weeks and months.

    1. Thank you Peter. I'm looking forward to getting enough done to show you guys some action shots.

  4. They've mixed up really well - nice work :)
    I think BTD figures are very nice and those sales are too much to resist...


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