Thursday, February 04, 2016

28mm models for role playing

I've recently started playing D&D for the first time in 25 years. I spent a little money on the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter, so I have a lot of fantasy figures. I offered the guys the chance to pick a model and painted the figures for them. One player wasn't here that night, so he'll have to get one next time.

Peter and Farrow.

These two figures are Peter, a rogue, and Farrow a paladin. Reaper claims that you don't need to prime the models. I find that paint pools oddly if you don't. I used Krylon on Peter and nothing on Farrow.

Peter had a backpack but the owner removed it.
I found the Krylon rubbed off pretty easily. Bones are definitely a compromise. They are cheap as chips but do not have the quality of metal. Whether you should be interested is definitely dependent on your motives for buying it.

Farrow the paladin.
This guy suffers from the stroke that most models seem to have had. What is it about sculptors that the left side of the face is always wonky?

Shield shot.
The design on the shield is just decoration. Farrow hasn't revealed much about his god so this will do for now.

Rear view.
The model painted up easily. The designs on the armor make it easy to bling it up a little bit. This model almost painted itself. I really didn't have to put much thought into it.

Peter the rogue.
This model, on the other hand, was difficult. The brief was grays and blacks with brown hair. I really had a hard time making it interesting with that, so added in the dark purple and the colored potions.

You can't really see that he had his backpack ripped off.
I used a lot more highlighting than I normally do, though it's mostly washed out by all that nasty sunlight coming through the window. I put three coats of varnish on each of these. I figure they'll get handled a lot more than the dude in the third rank of the fourth file of the pike and shotte regiment.

The guys have seen the pictures and are pleased so I'll turn these over to them at the next game.


  1. Nice work :)
    I find painting fantasy stuff is much more demanding on the tiny part of my brain that is creative...

    1. I agree. It's cathartic to settle down to a uniformed regiment and just plow through them. These guys take thought every step of the way.


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