Saturday, February 06, 2016

ECW artillery and crews

This is another entry for the Analogue Painting Challenge. This is two ECW cannons and thirteen crew. Some of these are crew for a mortar, but I haven't gotten that painted yet.

All three crews.

These are 28mm models from Warlord Games. They also came with three resin bases for the cannons and the mortar.

Rear and overhead view.
These are great models. They are all different and all have a lot of character; both in their faces and in their actions.

This guy is very fancy. Probably a foreign mercenary from the low countries.
There are a few weird casting features in places. There seems to be something about sculptors that they mail it in on the left side of the faces. Other than that these were fun to paint. I actually prefer these kinds of models when I'm not pressed for time. I like a nice uniformed regiment when I'm trying to bang out a bunch of guys for the challenge.

Two guns that no doubt have colorful ECW names.
The guns themselves are fairly standard. The castings are not as crisp as they could be, which really only shows up on the carriages. The barrels are very nice, especially the larger one.

The other side. Same as the first.
The resin bases these came with are also very nice. I bought the set that has both guns, the crews and the scenic bases in one box.

The business end.
Gun captain.
I painted the crews up in a mixture of the colors of my infantry regiments. I don't know that they pulled muscle out of the infantry, but what the hey, it works for me.

This is one of my favorite models in the set.
Just look at that face. These are not cookie cutter faces at all.
I highly recommend any of these sets on their own or the combined set together. They are a joy to paint and look fantastic in action.


  1. Very nicely done, so characterful.

  2. Nice work :) Agree with your comments regarding Warlord - can be a bit hit and miss but on the whole a nice range and full of character!

    1. I'm happier more often than I'm not with them. Thanks Mike.

  3. Very nice, love the gun captain...

    1. Thanks Phil. There are some lovely castings in this set.

  4. Don't know how I missed this post, Aaron but glad I found it. Great looking guns and crew. Seems reasonable to think foot soldiers could be drawn from the ranks to supplement artillery crew. It happened in the Napoleonic wars; why not the ECW?

    1. Thanks Jonathan. It definitely seems plausible to me.


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