Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A little gaming - Lion Rampant

Nick, of Little Nicky's Gameroom, came over on Saturday and we played a couple of games. He wanted to try out Lion Rampant, and we followed that up with a Star Wars Armada game.

The lines close.

Since this was a learning game I created two almost identical lists. One unit of Foot MaA, one of spears and one each shooting, bows for Gondor and crossbows for Isengard.

The two Gondor units get a little too close to each other.
This was the first time I'd played against an adult, and Nick's first time. The rules are simple and fast. They are definitely designed for a quick and easy game.

The Foot Men-at-Arms mix it up.
We both learned that spears are best in defense. We skipped the challenge all together, neither of us liking that rule.

My spears close on the Rangers. This did not end well, eventually.
I appreciate the simplicity of the rules, and I think they would be better with more units. The thing is this rule set is screaming for a campaign system.

Units shrinking down to uselessness.
I was able to reduce his units to the point where they could no longer hurt me, due to the need to produce a certain number of hits to cause any wounds. At that point we called it.

He can't hurt anyone anymore.
We missed a couple of rules, for sure. The battered rules are very poorly done in this rule book. Not the in game effects but the way they are laid out in the rules. I got the feeling that Nick was a little underwhelmed, to be honest. I think if you know what you are getting into, a quick game that doesn't take things too seriously, and if you have more units and some of the special rules, it can be a lot of fun. I still need to get a hold of Dragon Rampant. I think this rules engine will really shine with build your own fantasy armies.


  1. Good to see some action on your gaming table. Maybe a second game is in order?

    1. I hope he'll play again. He was talking about buying the book and really giving it a look. We'll see. In the mean time I play with the boys quite a bit, but more on that soon...

  2. I will definitely play again, but I would like to play with some more different units. I need to purchase the rules from Osprey along with a few others.

    It is definitely an very simple game. That can be good and bad. I definitely enjoyed the game of Armada we played :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It definitely needs more units I think. The Armada game was fun. We'll have to do more of that.

  3. Superb looking game :)
    Lion rather than Dragon...?

    1. I haven't bought Dragon Rampant yet. We've been playing Lion Rampant with the models I have painted, which just happen to be Uruk-Hai.


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