Sunday, January 15, 2017

EIR Command stand for Hail Ceasar - 28mm Warlord Games

This entry was completed right before the Challenge, though I'm just now remembering to get it posted up. This is a command stand for my Early Imperial Romans. The models are from Warlord Games.

The emperor and his praetorian guards.

These are actually three different sets, four if you count the shield on the ground.

Rear view.
The emperor is a stand alone model representing Marcus Aurelius from the movie Gladiator. As such I did him in a purple cape.

The side view shows just how big the Optio is compared to the Praetorian.
The Optio is from the Warlord Auxiliary infantry box. I really love this model. He's much taller than the other guard; probably a Batavian.

The shield on the ground is from the Warlord auxiliary cavalry box. They were really badly cast models. I'll never buy another box of that set. For some reason I had one shield left over so it found a home here.

The emperor is a very nice model. Great detail on the face. The static grass makes it look like he recently took a fall.

The Batavian guardsman has a great mustache. This is a great figure.

Short Italian Praetorian.
The rank and file praetorian is from the Warlord plastic praetorian box. I had a few left over and he was one of them. I removed him from his base, and his feet which had to be glued back on. I then attached him on here. The three models signify this is the army commander. Two will be a division commander.

This is the first command stand I've gotten done for my army. I have the models for two more. I may get to them during the challenge. I need at least two to play a game with all painted models.


  1. Great command stand, I recognized Marcus right away! May he always activate your Romans in HC.

    1. Cheers Monty. It's a good sculpt when people recognize it that way. I hope your wishes bear fruit on the table.

  2. What a wonderful stand and beautifully realised.

  3. Good looking command vignette, Aaron!


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