Tuesday, January 09, 2018

8th Challenge, Entry 2 - Flight bonus round. Air Cavalry

This unit is six flying carpet riders. These are 28mm models from Black Tree Design. I have many historical armies, but I've always loved Fantasy as well. This year I'm adding fantasy elements to several of my historical armies. Ironically in this case, this is the first unit done for my arabs.

Top view to see the carpets.

These were easy models to assemble and paint. There are vague designs in the carpets, and I gave up on trying to pull them out with actual paint. My eyesight was just not up to it. Instead I basecoated them, hit them with a wash then dry brushed over them. It gives more of the impression of a pattern than an actual pattern, but it's good enough for the table top.

All six.
There are more than two poses of the archers, so I have no idea why I only ordered these two, and four of one of them. I have more of these somewhere in the lead pile, which is mostly inaccessible at the moment as it's packed up while I finish the basement.

Back sides as they flash past.
The vizier in the center can serve as the unit captain, a mounted hero of some sort or as a wizard.

Sadly my photography is still not doing these models justice. They are really fine castings.

The rank and file archers are also nice models. They have good detail and just enough to be interesting to paint. Some times too much detail just gets fiddly. That is no the case with these.

This guy will be the unit champion if the Vizier is off performing other duties.

I chose a limited pallet and then spread it across all of the figures. I wanted them to be bright and to really stand out. Any unit of light cavalry tends to have a certain elan, but I figured that a unit that flies into battle would be especially flamboyant.

These guys can serve as bad guys or mercenaries for hire in the Dragon Rampant campaign the boys and I will be playing. I really enjoyed this project and look forward to the next group, at some point.


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