Wednesday, January 24, 2018

8th Challenge - Entry 4 - BFG - Hundred Years War Bombard and crew (Zvezda and BTD)

This is a 20mm Bombard from Zvezda. I left off the small crew and added 28mm crew from some Hundred Years War artillery from Black Tree Design.

The bombard was the original big gun. They were laid out on the ground because they didn't have a carriage that could handle the beast.

These were wall breakers, but also prestige items. Henry the VIII had twelve of them cast for his war in France, the Twelve Apostles. Due to their high cost they were often heavily decorated.

The model itself is nice enough, though the canon has some unfortunate casting errors; which, come to think of it, is fairly accurate from an historical perspective.

The BTD figures are nice. Simple, easy to paint. Good clean casts as is normal for their stuff.

Looking at this I realize that I failed to cover a couple of the holes for the tabs on the 20mm figures. The timber bracing behind the gun is my favorite part of this model. It really looks the part.

The barrel is removable in case I want to do a wagon for it at some point.

The 28mm crew look just fine on this. Since there was not really a standard size for these guns this could easily be a smaller example of the breed.


  1. An excellent entry, love the little dugout for the men to stand in.

    1. Thanks Ray. It's a nice model. There were a lot more parts to it that I didn't include.

  2. Replies
    1. It's a great model and works in 28mm. The Perry one would be a better call, but also more expensive. I might use it as the Trebuchet in a Bretonian army, but other than that it doesn't really fit anything I have on the go.

  3. Most impressive artillery unit, painting and basing...superb...and I'm proud to be the 100th to follow your blog!

    1. Thank you Phil. And welcome! I've been sitting at 99 for three years so you are welcome indeed.


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